Monday, April 30, 2007

We made it to Switzerland.

Hello everyone.

I forgot how messed up the keyboards are over here. And now understand how hard it is to read in German, all the instructions to get on the blog site are in German...very difficult. We got to Cleveland airport, and what did we do? We sat down at the Tequileria and had beer and margaritas to watch the NFL Draft. Way to start off the vacation. The flights were no problem. Continental flights allow you to watch a movie of your choice on your own personal tv, fantastic. We laughed our way through the Night at the Museum and even had a few mixed drinks as well. Note to Dad LaGuardia: you will enjoy Night at the Museum very much. But, you are not supposed to by the Duty Free liquor and then enjoy it on the plane...who knew?

Luzern, Switerland is fantastic! The weather is a little cool, and it has rained a little bit both days, but the sun comes right out afterwards. After a few doubts from the Amy, we took the World's steepest Cog railway up to Mt Pilatus and hiked around. Then we took a gondola down the other side of the mountain, stopped at a town halfway where we realized that they were just opening the Tobagan rides at a ropes course...of course we had to try it out!
We are safe and Mark, Joe and Brian are speaking with the locals at the bar in our hotel as we speak. As some of you know, Joe is not speaking German to them, not even English. We like to call it Italglish...a mixture of Italian and English, quite funny really.
Hugs to all, we will write more soon.
Love, Marie and the crew!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

T minus 4 days!

The countdown continues...we are leaving in four days, yes that means that Saturday April 28th we are out the door for a few weeks! I cannot believe the trip is already here, it seems like yesterday that we just pulled the map out to figure out our route. Now, all the details are in place and all we have left to do is grab our passports and e-tickets and get on that plane, everything else is just extras. Ok, I guess we could bring an extra pair of underwear and we cannot forget the clothesline that Joe keeps reminding everyone to bring, because you never know when you are going to need some twine! Oh and Dr Binger is in charge of bringing the first aid kit. I have the Duct Tape, because you cannot go anywhere without it! Check! Group, we will see you on Friday to have one last Hurrah before we take off! Here we go!