Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sammie growing up fast!

Samantha is truly growing up so much faster than Caden seemed to! I guess before with one you focus on every single milestone, and now with two we don't do it as much or for as long. Poor kid. She has been doing a great job sleeping (8pm to 7:30am) and eating milk (5 times per day), but we are working on the cereal thing. She doesn't seem to like it but is making small improvements with the chewing motion and swallowing. Sam is so interested in her brother and dog and follows them (with her eyes) around the room. She always wants to know what is going on or where the noise is coming from. Very curious and nosy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A birthday, the zoo and nice weather finally!

Two peas in a pod...
Caden is really loving his sister these days. He wants to help hold her and give her a bottle...pretty much everything.
Sammie enjoying the nice (breezy) weather.
Buster making a funny face
Uncle Brian with his niece and nephews
another shot
We went up to visit my family March 19/20 weekend for Joey's 2nd birthday party. That Saturday we went to see the Celtic Women (feel free to make fun of Mark)
and had a great time! The seats were in the third row and were fantastic! Jen and Brian watched the kids while we were gone and here is a pic of Caden...seems to say "please take the picture Aunt Jenny, I am cold and my belly is big!"
Joe, Joey, and Amy with the Elmo cake (Amy made!)
off to the side are Emma Lasko and Caden sneaking a taste of the icing.
Joey and Amy, he is really growing up so fast!
Joey anxiously awaiting the cut cake with Emma and Sydney
chowing on the cake
Sydney playing with the trains in her sweet little tutu
Caden and Emma trying out the tricycle, while Joey plays on his new 4-wheeler
The zoo came to Troy at Hobart Arena and we had to take Caden. He loved the elephant and camel as well as the mini horses.

Celebrating Mark's 31st bday! Man are we getting old or what!??!?
Caden is practicing blowing out the candles.
Grandma Marge and Caden reading books
My parents have one of those talking fish and Caden fell in love with it! He just thought it was absolutely hilarious to hear it and watch it move. "Gimme that filet o fish"

Singing happy birthday to Joey!

Sammie talking at breakfast

And finally, Sammie sucking on her toe! This just cracks me up! Sometimes I can hear her on the monitor sucking on her toe. She is really growing up fast. She has learne to roll from front to back very well, and now she can move herself all around.