Thursday, February 17, 2011


"One more book Mrs A"
Caden loves the truck book at school
All the kids were looking through the binoculars, and trying to find the birds in the tree.

Trying out the big boy underwear...working on it, but still not there yet.

Samantha trying to open Payton's birthday gifts
All the action at the Brewer house for Payton's 2nd bday party
Samantha and Caden have been so funny with wearing rain boots in the house this winter.

enjoying popcorn and a movie with the kids (usually Toy Story 1, 2, or 3)
painting at school
Notice how Caden chose to paint around the block instead of on it.
Another fun inside activity. Jumping on the outdoor patio cushions.
Sammie bit it half way through but was still laughing.

After too many days inside, I decided to take the challenge and get the paint out and let the kids have at it!
My little artists, notice that Samantha is working "outside the box".
Imagine that she only put the paint brush in her mouth 2 times!

So pumped about snow gear!
Imagine that she was happy once she was actually outside.
He loves his dump truck!
Oh yeah, we had all the plastic kids toys outside, mowing the snow and everything!
A little get together with Tricia and Amy and the gang or should I say gaggle.
Here are the 4 oldest enjoying their lunch.
Isaac, Andrew, Caden and Kristin
The littlest Winner child, sweet Erin
Caden and Samantha getting ready for a group kids pic
All the kids
Isaac(2.5), Tyler(6mths), Kristin(2.5), Erin(9mths), Andrew(4), Caden(2.5) and Samantha(1)