Friday, May 14, 2010

A long run and then a baptism

I have been very bad at updating the blog lately (as some of you have let me know). Our laptop caught a nasty virus (possibly from facebook) and is now home, and our desktop has been iffy about letting me post pictures, who knows why. Anyways, we have been busy busy busy as I am sure all of you are now that summer is here. We have been to Cincy, Knoxville, Aurora and Louisville in the past month and it has been a whirlwind ending with Samantha's baptism the first weekend in May and now my nephew's birth at the end of May!
Congrats to Joe and Amy for the birth of their second boy, Charles David LaGuardia! We have been calling him Charlie and cannot wait to meet him. He was 5lbs 6oz and has dark hair and dark eyes. I thought it was so cute that Joey sand Happy Birthday to him when he met him for the first time. So freakin cute.
As of now Samantha is starting to figure out crawling, is on Stage 2 foods and has trying to say "Da-Da" and "Na-Na" (or Nia the dog). No "Ma-ma" of course. Caden is now running all over the place and has picked up a lot of new words in his vocabulary. His favorites (not ours): "Why?", "What's that?", "Milp" which means milk, "Peese" (Please), "tank tu" (thank you) and some other funny ones. Caden is also sleeping in his big kid bed now! Which was a smoother transition then we thought. He spent one week taking naps in his bed and has been sleeping there ever since. I will add more pics and updates from the past is a start!