Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Colorado - Part 2

The three roomies at Garden of the Gods. It was so nice that our internal alarm clocks never switched to Colorado time. We were up early (or sleeping in, depending on which time zone you live in) and able to get our hikes in before all the crowds arrived. Anyhoo...here are a few pics from the beginning of our trip and a few others that Tricia took that I wanted to add.

A brief stop in Manitou Springs on our way to Breckenridge.
We stopped for lunch at Adams Mountain Cafe in Manitou Springs. What a great little place and such delicious food! Their Spicy African Peanut Soup was amazing and like nothing I have ever had!
View from the Breckenridge Brewery
Kelly and I on our way down the mountain on the Colorado Trail
Amy on the Colorado Trail
Dinner at The Hearthstone restaurant. Delicious food and wine!
There was a crepe buggy in Breckenridge that called my name!
Tricia in Breck
One more from the awesome Red Rocks
View from Peaks Lounge in the Hilton Regency. Someone at our hotel in Breckenridge told us about this hotel bar and the view didn't disappoint.
One last pic of the three of us. What a great trip girls!