Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Francis Film Fest

The Francis Film Fest was a huge success! There were about 35 people that showed up for our party including kids and dogs. Thank you to all who brought food or equipment for our event! We look forward to having the FFF next year and hope more people will be able to show their faces and throw their cornhole bags. A special thanks goes out to Jeff Reed for accepting the position as lead technician and got the movie up and going. Where would we be without you...well, sitting and staring at a white sheet is where we would be. Not quite as much fun! I only have a few pictures from the event, and I am sorry that it was never posted. I must have forgotten to post! Yikes, I am somewhat new at this blog thing.

FFF will be in June 2008 for those of you early planners! Hope to see you soon!