Thursday, June 26, 2008

33 weeks and 4 days...

I got back from my doctor's appointment this morning and everything is still looking good! Baby's heartbeat is around 145bpm still and my belly is measuring 34cm which is right on for where I am in the pregnancy. I am still feeling great, slowing down a little bit which is tough and seems to catch me off guard by the end of the day. No swelling, back pain or problems sleeping so no complaints here! I am still able to take a weekly pilates class (one on one session) and daily walks with Nia, which she loves. Just trying to keep moving!! This week is my last week of work for now, thank you to my clients who have been very understanding. It has been hard to have a stop date, but now that I am there I think July will be a little more relaxing.

Meanwhile, Mark and I have been checking off our to-do list, you know the one that is titled "things to get done before the baby arrives"! We will see how much we can get done! Mark has been a huge help in doing all the things that I cannot do any longer and then some. The baby's dresser/changing table is the biggest project we have left and it is almost finished. Half is moved into the nursery and the other half needs one more coat of paint. I am still working on room decor/pictures/curtains etc in the nursery.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby update

Mark and I went to the doctor on Thursday and everything looks good. The baby's heartbeat was 145 and strong. I am still feeling great and enjoying the air conditioner on these last few hot days. Disclaimer: we do not know the sex of the baby. By putting "Junior" in the blog we did not mean to lead anyone to thinking we know it is a boy. I just like the term and I think "Juniorette" sounds funny.
I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to my mom, sister and sister-in-law for a wonderful shower. They did such a great job with everything! Also, THANK YOU to Kyley and Jessi for having a friends couple shower last night for us. We had so much fun seeing everyone and mark enjoyed the cornhole.

"Babymoon" Part 3

Sunday 5/25:
We awoke to a wonderful breakfast provided by the women at the Merrill Farm Resort and headed on our longest drive of the trip to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Almost as soon as we crossed the border the terrain began to flatten out a bit. After a recommendation to stop in Freeport, ME we thought what the heck...let's check out the LL Bean megastore and other outlets. We also stopped to eat at Gritty McDuff's (delicious-thanks Kelly!), a local brewery.

We checked into our B&B, The Thistle Inn

Sherman Zwicker: Name of our room and an old ship that is in the area.

Then we walked around town. I would definitely recommend this small town to anyone heading up to Maine. Quaint little town with fantastic seafood, and the people are very nice.

Funny sign.

View from the other side of the bay. Sitting at the Lobster Dock restaurant.

A 4 pounder (that's bigger than the baby right now)!

After a wonderful evening at the Lobster Dock, eating ice cream and walking around town we ended our night at our B&B in the bar/restaurant area watching basketball and chatting with locals.

MONDAY 5/26:

The next day we headed out on a hike/walk (Mark ran) in Ocean Point, ME. What a beautiful view from the winding road! Great spot for a vacation home.

After the hike/walk we made it back to the hotel for a fabulous breakfast of homemade granola, muffins and breads along with a fruit plate. Delicious! Next and last stop was to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. This is the first day that we go stuck in traffic due to Memorial Day parades and the New Englanders heading back home from the holiday weekend. We also made a quick stop in Portland, ME to walk around and check out the area. Finally, we arrived at our destination (to our dismay). It was sunny, but chilly due to the wind. I would say it was around 55-60degrees on the beach with the windchill, but there were plenty of people out there lying on the beach in their bikinis trying to get some sun. Mark and I couldn't believe it! We were wearing winter fleece coats and jeans and they were wearing bathing suits?!?!? Unbelieveable. And yes, we put our feet in the water, and yes it was freezing, and one more yes...people were swimming!

Old Orchard Beach wasn't at all what we thought it would be. We had heard that Canadians come down to spend time vacationing on this beach. Interesting. So we went to eat and I asked the waitress, "Are the carnival rides here for the Memorial weekend?" She said, "oh no, they are here year round." OK, so Old Orchard Beach is full of Carnies, Carnie rides and fried goodness. You can imagine the view... this is a picture of town, notice the ferris wheel in the distance.

Take note: this picture was taken on Tues morning while we were on our way out of town. unfortunately you cannot see all the motorcyles, weirdos and with their tatoos and exposed skin. Our baby is never going to this place.

Old Orchard Beach Inn (our B&B)

Enjoying breakfast on the patio at our B&B.

Our last day was spent driving down the coast of Maine, stopping in small towns and enjoying the scenary. We stopped in Kittery, Kennebunkport (but did not see the Bush family) and Portsmouth, NH for lunch.

Saying farewell to our travel friend at the Manchester airport. Farewell, Kia Rondo.

We had such a fabulous trip and were happy to get away for a little bit before the baby is here. Definitely recommend a trip up this way to anyone!

"Babymoon" Part 2


We awake in Montpelier, VT and head into town for the farmer's market to check out what the locals are up to on a saturday morning. To our surprise we saw a nice combination of average americans, kids, dogs and hippies. Everyone moved around the small alley/parking lot sampling food, greeting dogs and listening to a guitar player/singer. Of course we had to try the spicy Indian kebabs and hippy tent featuring Goo Balls and no-bake raspberry pie. Interesting and pretty filling to our surprise! Ok, enough of that for now...

Off to Mt Washington, New Hampshire!
But first, how about a stop at the Cabot Creamery to see how cheese is made and of course sample all of their cheeses. (You would think we were on a culinary tour!)
Below you can see the long troughs used to drain/separate the whey from the curds.
This is also where the workers add the salt by hand.

The molds that they use to make cheese wheels are in the front of the picture, behind is a huge block of cheese that is being vacuum packed and getting ready for the aging process.

A Crown product (with Francis Mfg parts) moving cheese to be aged in a warehouse.
A view of the scenary along the way. Beautiful...
and not so much.

The drive from Cabot, VT to Mt Washington, NH proved to be a little bit longer than we originally thought, though it was a pleasant 2.5 hour drive. The weather had been 65 and sunny since we began our journey on Friday monrning. In the evenings it was about 45-50 degrees or so. So with the sun in our eyes and nothing but luscious green fields/trees we came to the conclusion that:
1. without a Garmin GPS system we may not have found our way on the backroads (Thanks Dave!) and 2. the happiest cows are in Vermont!

Beside the point... if you look at the link for the Google map of our journey (previous blog entry) you can see the route followed. After some bad advice from the lady at Cabot, we went south instead of going north and had to backtrack down our path. But eventually we made it to the Mt Washington Auto Toll road.

So for $27 we received a terrifying drive up the mountain, a CD that told us the history of the mountain and of course the "This Car Climbed Mt Washington" bumper sticker. At the bottom of the mountain the temp was 65degrees and the sign showed that at the top it was 28degrees.

The ride up the mountain...

(no offense, but Joe I don't know if you could make it on this drive, love ya.)

freezing at the top...50mph winds and 28degree temp = 10degrees with the windchill...brrrrrr.

Walkway to the tippy top.

Mark at 6,288 ft.
Marie with the park sign and the cog train that you can also take to the top.

The trail that leads to the top, part of the Appalachian Trail.

The house at the top that is chained down so it doesn't blow away.

Now back down...
the scary drive...

and the stupendous driver...
After the descent and a 30 min drive we made it to our next destination - North Conway, NH.
Here is our B & B, The Merrill Farm Resort.
We checked in and went into town to find something to eat. The choice for the evening...Flatbread Pizza Co (A fabulous chain of restaurants in the Northeast.
They use all organic ingredients and free range meats, and they cook the pizzas
in a wood fire oven.

That is it for Saturday's adventure. We will post more later.