Friday, June 26, 2009

46 weeks, splashing and a new haircut

46 Weeks old
After about 50 attempts to get a decent picture, I finally ended up with a good pic today. I know it is not technically the right day, but give me a break.
Here is attempt #1, before haircut and a nap. Not a good idea. Attempt #20, after haircut and before nap.
I lost count, this one will have to work! I'm done.

Giggles McGee
Fun with water! I cleaned out Nia's dog pool and Caden spent some time in there the other day. Although there wasn't much water in the pool and it was cold, he loved sitting in there and playing with the shovel and pail. Nia was waiting for the hose to be turned back on.

Caden waking up from a nap!

I took Caden to get his first haircut today at Total Image Salon in Troy. He loved sitting in the jeep and moving the steering wheel. He wasn't sure about the cape, but thought the water sprayed on his head was funny! Overall, he did a great job!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day to all the wonderful dad's out there. Mark, you are a great dad to Caden, it is so fun to watch you guys play together. I can see it in his eyes when you come home from work, he is always so happy to see you! Each day we learn more and get better, thank you for being a great Dad. And to my Dad, thanks for all that you have taught me over the years and what you have helped me become, you are an amazing person and we love you very much. Caden loves you and cannot wait to see you again soon! And Dave, we love you and love how much you adore little Caden. He looks forward to many more after work visits!

We had a great weekend at home and enjoyed Mark's wishes for a lazy Father's Day. We did get over to Scot/Amanda's to have brunch on Sunday and celebrate with Scot and Pops. I only snapped one pic of Payton eating rice cereal, and she does a good job already! She is really getting the hang of it!

A lot of time was spent in the A/C since it was so hot out, but we did make it out to get a DQ cone and drive around a little bit. Here is a video from yesterday at lunch time, Caden and Daddy laughing about nothing in particular.

45 weeks old now!

Caden playing with a box.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

44 Weeks

Caden is now 44 weeks old, soon to be 45 tomorrow!
Video of Caden laughing after dinner one night.
Here is a photo of a message center that Mark and I created with left over door casing and beadboard. The green squares are corkboard covered with fabric left over from a curtain we put up for the laundry room closet doorway. So far it is working pretty well, but we still have some touchups and things to add to the area.
One day last week Caden, Nia and I met Mark at the Prairie Reserve in Versailles for lunch and a quick hike. Mark decided that Caden is too heavy for a front pack carrier, he now knows what it feels like to be pregnant! An additional 20lbs added to your belly can make your low back hurt a little bit!

We had a great weekend up in Aurora visiting the fam and going to my cousin's wedding. Congrats Maria and Ted, have a great honeymoon in Italy! I am so jealous! Friday, was a long day...we drove up to Aurora and dropped Caden off in Macedonia with my parents. Then we continued our way north to see my cousin Bryan and his wife Kim at their house on the west side of Cleveland. We made it back to my parent's house around 1am...too late for us 30yr olds! Then Sat we enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood, boys washed cars and then we got ready for the wedding. Caden attended mass although all he wanted to do was crawl around the church. And after mass we drove back to Aurora so that Kathy Foley (Kelly's mom) could babysit Caden. Despite peeing on Kathy, Caden was a good boy for her. Thank you a million times, Kathy! Then Mark and I headed back to the reception, had a great time and then made it home before 11:30.
Caden enjoying his first waffle, he kept sucking on it and waving it around like it was a washcloth.
Here is a pic from Sunday, Mark still looks sleepy.

The boys playing with cows. Joey is now almost 15 months(how old Caden will be when our new baby is born in November!) and Caden is a little over 10 months.

Taunting the dogs out the screen door. Nia and Molly kept running back and forth chasing eachother on the porch. The kid gates work well for dogs on the porch as well!

Uncle Brian and Caden

Joey fell asleep in the high chair after lunch.

Joey was having so much fun playing with a big bucket of water, some measuring cups and shovels.

On the way back from my parents house Caden was having so much fun playing Peek-a-boo I had to get it on tape.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


While Caden and I were at the Strawberry festival this weekend, Mark was enjoying a little vacation down in Texas visiting Andrew, a friend he used to work with at Wright Patt. Andrew participates in a Rib cookoff (smokeoff) contest every year and after hearing the details Mark wanted to go down and be a part of the madness!
(written by Mark, 1st post ever). One of the best smokers at the contest!
These people decided to bring the party with floor, tunes, margarita machine, what more do you need? Who said smokin' isn't a good time?
And then there's our crew...much more of a rum dum operation. We made our own fun. We ended up playing what we called Texas Cornhole, which involved throwing rocks into the orange may soon become a sanctioned event.
The boys workin' the meat. I was told the key is that you need to really "love on your meat." Northern interpretation, rub the spices, dy rub, marinade, etc. into the meat with your bare hands and really work it in. I was beginning to think that the ol' steers and queers joke actually was true...?!?!
Our trusty smoker...which successfully prepared baby back ribs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, whole chicken, spare ribs, and brisket. You don't want to know what that kind of diet for a 24 hour period does to your stomach let alone the port a pottie! Can anyone say meat poos!
Despite not placing the last 2 years, the crew was still able to get a sponsorship this year...thanks team Donkey Punch. We were asked several times over the weekend, "what's a donkey punch?" I couldn't bring myself to actaully explain to a complete stranger what a donkey punch actually was. Notice the barbecue sauce stain on the absolute must when you are smokin.
We were lucky enough to have some additional sponsorship...I would like to thank everyone from Shokcer, Dirty Sanchez, Cleveland Steamer, The Angry Pirate, Abe Lincoln, Tea Bag, Rusty Trombone, Cincinnati Bowtie (which I need a Cincinnatian to explain to me from the explanation I got), and the Hot Karl (there was a discrepancy about the sponsorships real "course of businees.") All in all, great time! Smokeoffs are filled with great people, good food, and remember it's all about the kids! (inside joke).

Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Months old!!

If you look close, you can see his tooth or should I say teeth! Caden got a second tooth last weekend and now they are starting to pop out a little bit more!
Trying to take the 43 week picture. And at this point, we may not be able to get the rest of the pictures because he moves around so much. It is now Caden's goal to not take the picture. He used to sit so nice and good, but now...he immediately trys to stand up and look out the window! It is officially a two person job!

Unbelieveable, Caden is 10 months old now!
I just love this picture of Caden waving and saying "hi". Here we are at the parade (behind me).
This weekend was the Troy Strawberry Festival, here is Caden with Uncle Scot at the parade on Saturday morning. He enjoyed most of it in the beginning, but then got bored. I think he liked seeing the people more than anything! Next year will be different when he can eat the candy!

Caden (10 months) and Payton (almost 5 months)

Caden taking a break from the festival. Notice the fried stands in the background. What is a fair/festival without the fried goodness? They even had fried strawberries!

So thirsty! It was hot at the festival and plus no breeze when you are walking around with hundreds of people. Caden enjoyed looking at a bunch of butts as we strolled around looking at the booths.

More playing with Nia and her tug.

A little bit of walking!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!We went home this past weekend to see my family and had a surprise bday party for my dad! And he was surprised! It was great to see everyone and have a mostly relaxing weekend. Saturday, Jen & Amy and I went to get pedicures at the spa which was fantastic. It is the little things that make you happy. After that we went to Joe/Amy's house for lunch and to hang out on their new patio. It was a beautiful day to be outside and let the kids run/crawl around and play.
Joey & Caden enjoying steering the pirate ship/slide thingy

Joe and Joey going for a ride

Joey climbing up to the slide

Joey pushing Caden on the swing

Blabbering to each other
oops...found your mouth!

Playing in the turtle sandbox

Dad covered my legs and i think that is my toe!??! After some great food and laughs, the boys took naps and we were off to dinner at Romanino's in Aurora. Great place! They reserved the outside back patio for us and it was a perfect night to be out there! Not to mention that Dad was surprised, that made it even better!

The Coupe Grandma Ginny and Grandpa Joe with Caden

Sunday brunch on the patio

Family pic