Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pregnancy Update!

I am sorry that I haven't posted much to date about my pregnancy. There isn't too much to discuss. I am now 26.5 weeks into the pregnancy and still no morning sickness. I have been feeling great! I am still giving massages and also have continued taking my pilates class(which I love). The baby has been kicking quite a bit which is crazy and awesome at the same time! Mom was able to come to my 25 week checkup with me, which was great. We heard the heartbeat and it was around 155 bpm. My belly button hasn't popped out yet, but it isn't too far off at this point. After questions about how big the belly is...I have attached some pics so you all can see! Enjoy! And for all of those who do not know...we will not be finding out the sex of the baby. We look forward to our big surprise in a few short months! Look for more updates soon!

While you were out!

While Mark was gone on a golf trip to Tennessee, the "While you were out" crew came in and did an overhaul of the guest bathroom. My parents and I managed to keep it a secret for over a month that we were going to remodel the bathroom and surprise Mark when he got back on Sunday night. Mom and Dad (the best and hardest workers I have ever known) came down to Troy on Thursday night. I began pulling tile off of the bathroom walls on Thursday after Mark left for work. It helped that all of the new items were purchased and in a holding area (many thanks to Dave and Clarice for letting me use their garage)until Friday. To my dad's dismay, we didn't begin actually working until Friday morning. The job consisted of painting (not by me), new floor tile, new vanity, new toilet, new medicine cabinet, new trim, and of course touchups! Unbelievably, we got it all done by Saturday night with time left over to celebrate at La Fiesta with a margarita! Ok, of course I had to have a daquiri sans alcohol, still delicious. Mark and I cannot express how thankful we are for all the work that my parents put in to our bathroom. By the time it was all said and done, the number of times we went up and down the stairs in the house would be equivalent to climbing up Mt Everest (or close). Oh wait, on Sunday there was still time for the crazy workers (Mom and Dad) to fix the kitchen faucet, put up a new towel rod, mow the grass and of course cut down a dead tree in the front yard! Could we cram anything else into one weekend?!?! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom and Dad! You are the best!