Thursday, November 10, 2011

random pics from September..playing catch up!

After taking some time off with blogging...we are back! Our Summer/fall has been great. Caden turned 3 in August and Sammie turned 2 in November! They are getting so big, so fast. Samantha and Caden are both in school this year and just having so much fun.
These pics are somewhat out of order, but enjoy!

A trip to the family farm in Medina and the little boys just had to go potty at the same time.
I cannot wait to bring this out when one of them gets married! Hilarious!

Sammie standing in the dark, in the rain and barefoot! I swear it was warm out that night.

After we drop Caden off at his classroom on Tuesday mornings, Samantha has 15 minutes before her class starts next door (with me). So here we are waiting for school to start and we get to see Izzy just about every week. The kids get such a kick out of seeing their cousin at school. And of course Sammie thinks that she is a big girl like them!

This summer we took a couple bike rides with the kids in the bike trailer. This bike trip we stopped at the Tipp City park after our ice cream cones. And we got to watch the boys soccer game too.

A trip to Fulton Farms
The kids exploring the farm, animals and school bus.

Sammie loves the chickens

Kristin (Tricia's daughter) reading to Sammie

When I pick Caden up from school this sign is out front for us to see what the kids worked on, ate, and read. Not to mention they send an email with more detailed info. They are the best!

Sammie's teacher Jennifer reading Brown Bear at the end of class.

Going for a walk with the class out to the preserve and stopped here on the way.

Stopping to check out a dragonfly that must have been stunned by the cool morning air...he hung around for about 15 mins

the lil artist hard at work
(one of my favorite paintings)

Trip with mom's group to Young's Jersey Dairy

lil diva
Sammie's class out at the "bird hide". They put food all over the area and then go inside the little hut to watch which birds come to eat the food.
Caden on the first day of school
Love these pics of us getting ready to leave for school on the first day. They were having so much fun together. They are so funny how they feed off of each other and truly love each other. They can sit and laugh together about the silliest things and it is so fun to watch them.

Rainy day playing in the puddles
Staying over at Uncle Brian and Aunt Jen's house and listening to a story
I love this picture of Caden running through the sprinkler, such simple summer fun!
My two gardeners
Samantha has taken to the tomatoes as much as Caden did when he was little. It is funny how kids may not eat something on their plate, but if you let them pick it out of the garden they will keep coming back for more.