Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snowman and the zoo

Samantha has been a lot of fun lately. She is smiling a lot more and has times during the day when she is very active and kicking on her mat. However, it is easy to forget how the beginnning can be. Mark and I try to remember what things were like with Caden, but so easily we have forgotten. Caden is now sleeping in his new room in a (borrowed) crib and he has been doing great there. I think that he loves his sleep so much that he doesn't really care where he sleeps! This is the first week that Samantha has spent the night in her crib. She is getting more of a schedule during the day, but (to my dismay)still wakes up once at night. I know that she is still young and we were spoiled with Caden, so I keep telling myself that it will only get better.
Being a stay-at-home mother of two has proven to be very difficult at times, but I consider myself very lucky to have two very healthy and good kids. We love them so much and have had so much fun watching them learn and grow! It is amazing how curious little Caden has become. He picks up and learns so much info everyday and loves to dance, play with Nia, get into the cabinets, and just be busy. He loves his trucks/cars, hearing the school buses/ups/mailman/garbage truck, and loves to read books. We are working on timeouts with him, but he doesn't seem to care too much yet, in time my boy.
Caden has many foods that he has come to love, one which is peanut butter! With jelly or on graham crackers...doesn't matter. He also loves tomatoes, avocados, black beans and artichokes. Actually there really isn't much that he will turn down. Having cereal at the kid's new table (thanks Grammy and Papa Francis)

We went up to see my family a couple weekends ago and all of us (minus Brian) went to the Cleveland Zoo on Saturday. It was a chilly 39degrees, so we all bundled up and out into the weather we went! The boys did great riding in the wagon, but we were all happy to ride the tram around at the end of the morning. Here is Caden with Dad and Aunt Jen enjoying a string cheese.

The whole fam...notice Samantha, she rode in the front pack on my belly under my coat.

Uncle Joe holding the boys while they were tickling each other. They think it is absolutely hilarious to tickle and be tickled! Watch out anytime you have exposed skin, they will get ya.

They are working on the sharing thing...or they couldn't decide who was going to drive and who was the passenger!

The boys with their first snowman!! Notice the plastic bags on the feet with is something we used to do when we were little. And Caden's boots are now too small.

All the boys

Family pick(minus Sam) and Nia trying to eat the snowman's stick arm

Uncle Joe and Joey

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January updates

Sammy smiling in the baby seat

Caden chilling in the tent
Silly boy laughing and being tickled

Dad, Caden and Nia having fun in the snow

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random pics from December

Samantha has been growing and sleeping a bit more! And mommy and Daddy love that! At her two month visit she is up to 10lbs 9oz and 22 3/4" long! So now she is fitting into some 0-3 month outfits, but because she is so long they(some) are getting tight on her already! She has been cooing and smiling at us and we have noticed that she loves when you talk to her. And when she feels ignored or out of the conversation she starts fussing...little miss princess!
After trying his new mittens on, Caden refused to take them off. So...he had his snack and water all with the mittens on! Too funny! His personality is really starting to show and also his little attitude when he is tired/hungry...but he gets that honestly from both sides!
Nia checking out the new tent!

And now Caden's turn. Lately he thinks it is hilarious when he hides in the tent and we run around looking for him. Actually, he has been doing that all over the house...seems like a game only for home. I can just see me freaking out looking for him in a store or something. Things to look forward to!

On our way to Grammy Clarice and Papa Dave's house for some sled riding with his cousins.

Trying to walk around in the snow pants and boots...A Christmas Story all over again!

Maddie, Caden and Uncle Ryan sledding

Grammy Clarice and Caden

Love this pic!

Caden and Dad

New Years Eve was spent at Scot/Amanda's house which was great. We went for a few hours so that Caden could run around and play and then got home by 9pm. Caden absolutely loved playing in the coupe car. You can see Payton (turning 1yr old this week) working on her walking skills.

Papa Dave and Samantha

Caden checking out his tunnel on xmas morning...forgot to post it before!

Xmas at Dave/Clarice's house...Caden had a ball with Jayne's dog Sophie. She is so soft and they chased each other all around! Very funny!

Samantha cooing and smiling

Funny boy with mittens

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

christmas #2, 3, 4 & 5

Although we did not travel up to see my family the week of Christmas, we were still driving all around. Christmas Eve is when the Francis side gets together with Grandpa/aunts/uncles/cousins, etc in Russia, OH. We did not take many pics, but here are a few. Caden had a great time this year. Not only because Santa showed up (he warmed up to him a little bit as you can see), but he could run around the hall with his cousins. Plus the cookies/desserts are within his reach now! Here is a pic of him chomping on a celery stick. That might have been the only thing that he slowed down to eat all night!

We ended up getting a pretty good family pic with Santa! At least Caden would look at him this time and agree to be in a picture with him.

Here is little Miles Hein (Matt/Krista Hein's little boy). A bit curious about Santa I'd say.

Then on Christmas day we were at our house and had a nice relaxing couple hours before we darted off to Marge/Tom's house for lunch. Caden was pretty excited about his new trucks/cars/books!

Aunt Michelle helping Caden open up new trucks from Grandma Marge and Grandpa Tom
Uncle Eric and Magnum (Nia's cousin)

Samantha and Aunt Michelle

Mark and Caden enjoying the new snow! Doesn't matter how many times his gloves fall off or how wet/cold he gets...Caden loves to be outside!

Papa Dave chilling with our milk guzzler, Caden.

Cousins Izzy and Maddie get in for a pic with Papa
Mark trying to put together one of Caden's xmas gifts
Uncle Ryan playing Elle's Dora game while Caden, Elle and Izzy look on.
Samantha's first bow!
Dinner with Clarice's brother Bruce/Kim and their two sons Connor and Christian.