Monday, September 20, 2010

lots going on...

I am not sure when I stopped posting Samantha's week to week pictures, but I thought I would catch back up! We were having camera issues and ended up missing a week in sad, I was doing so good and almost to the 1 year mark! Samantha is growing so fast! She has made huge strides since she passed the 9mth mark. After trying some chunks of our food, she has pretty much decided that she doesn't want anything to do with baby food. No thanks mom, stage 3 foods are not for me. Oh well, easier for me anyway. Around the 10mth mark she took her first steps and now we are 2 weeks later and she is going about 10+ steps at a time. At first she was very unsure, but is now liking it a lot more! So is her brother...he just doesn't understand why she cannot chase him around the house yet! Ha!

A couple of years ago, before kids, we took Nia out to Xenia for the Doggie Dash n' Splash. So now that the kids are a little bit older, we thought we would treat Nia to another trip to Xenia. If you have a dog and live close to Xenia...I would recommend going! It is so much fun. It was such a perfect day to be outside and watch all the dogs run around in sprinklers and a little baby pool. They also have border collies that do tricks and jump in the air to catch frisbees. So much fun!
Dad and Caden after running through sprinklers with Nia
Mom and Samantha (good shot of her 2 teeth)
I am constantly telling Caden not to let Sammie have any of his snacks because she is a baby. Almost immediately after I say that he comes back with "baby...2 teeth". Cracks me up every time!
bunny was spending some time in the corner...I guess he did something bad too!
We just went through a huge project with our house...we had a crew put on new siding! Caden absolutely loved "the guys" as he called them and was so sad when he would wake up from his nap and they would be gone. I wasn't so sad to see them go. It can be a little much when Caden wanted to help them and show them all the bugs that he found out in the yard. It was a great and interesting day when they replaced our back patio door. Caden and Sam were so excited to see what they were doing and Nia was even confused by the easy access into and out of the house. Right side of door removed.
Both doors gone and so happy with our new sliding door. So much better than the old door that always got stuck on the floor. And it seems so much lighter in the room now. The house looks great now that we have our new front door as well...looks like a totally different house. I need to take a pic of the whole house and put it on here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

so much junk mail...

Just wanted to post something about junk mail since the holidays are just around the corner and the catalogs will be coming in by the truckload! If you are sick of getting catalogs which you never buy items from then check out this free site and help the planet out a little bit.
Yes you do have to register, but it is free and can help get rid of the amount of junk mail!

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the nice cool weather...I love fall!
And I will be posting new pictures soon...we just bought a new camera because our old one broke and then our backup to the old one broke a couple weeks after that!
Happy Fall!