Monday, May 16, 2011

April showers and Easter Bunnies

Sammie and Buzz Lightyear
a little milk (or as the kids say "Mouty") and cartoons
Hugs for sister
the fun of potty training outside, he wanted to put his boots on before his pants! Ha!
But truthfully, Caden has been doing sooooo good with potty training. We started a few weeks ago and are getting close to almost totally trained. Maybe one accident a week.
Gigi and Sammie
my boys
playing in the rain
Sammie jumping in the puddles
and then sitting in the puddle
playing in the dirt at school
Sammie playing in the sandbox with Ruby
afternoon with Aunt Amanda, Izzy and Payton at the playground
Sammie and Payton enjoying a snack
Sammie has a fear of loud noises, especially the lawn mower. She was ok sitting on Dad's lap, but hates when the mower is turned on and appears that it is coming towards her! Too funny!
jumping on the couch
(reminds me of when I was little, we did this all the time)
Easter egg hunt in our neighborhood
not sure where this is, but I always love to see pics with Mark and Sammie holding cute, she loves her Daddy
Easter family pic
Izzy and Sammie at Easter brunch in Piqua
What a change from last year! The kids couldn't get enough of the Easter bunny this year...or was it the eggs filled with candy...hmmm.

Buzz was taking a turn going pee pee on the potty
Playing with dinosaurs in the sand box at school.
Note the little "mountains/rocks" in the sandbox...they are packing corners, so clever.
Lining up outside the school after recess. Caden and all the girls, there is only one other boy in his class.
Class pic
Reese, Savannah, Ruby, Harley, Caden, Mrs A, and Lily

On our last visit up to see my parents the kids (mostly Caden) were so interested in what baby Natalie was doing. They just love her!

We took a field trip to the Cleveland Children's museum and the kids had so much fun! What a cool place for them to run around and explore.

Sammie and Charlie
After watching Aladdin, the kids wanted to dress up like a Prince (or princess as Joey kept saying), so Papa and Gigi got them decked out in capes (aprons/scarves) and crowns made of Popoids. Hilarious!