Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joey bday weekend

Caden had to try out Joey's new gift from Gram and Grandpa. Grandpa Joe gave him rides through the house in the nice new wagon. He thought he was a little king sitting in there. He sat so still and just looked around at everything.

Grandma and Caden (and the cell phone that he wouldn't put down!)

Joey getting ready to blow out his candle! The balloons tied on his chair were a huge hit for the kids! And there is Amy helping with the candle and encouraging Joey to make a mess!

The kids playing with the toys at Joe/Amy's.
The boys enjoying a ride around the house!
Joey and his godparents

Cute little boy, check out the kicks! love'em

Friday, March 20, 2009

31 & 32 weeks

Happy 1st Birthday to Joey! We love you and cannot wait for your bday party this weekend!
31 Weeks old!

A fondant covered St Patty's day birthday cake for Tricia!

Had to put a picture up of us bellydancing in Cincinnati. We went for Tricia's birthday with a group of girls and had a really fun time. Quite a workout I must say! I couldn't get enough of the little scarf belt things we got to wear! They made such a nice sound!

Goddess pose

We saw the Reed's, Bergman's and Stammen's this past weekend...a nice unexpected surprise! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the other is Kyley and Addyson (6wks).

32 Weeks this week

I think I forgot to mention that over our vacation in Florida, Caden began crawling. He showed interest in crawling before we left, and then practiced what his cousin Joey taught him while we were down there. This past week he has really been taking off! Watch out! He shows a lot of interest in the fireplace and cannot get to his activity table fast enough! Hasn't figured out how to pull himself up to it yet though. He zooms on the carpet, but is still working on his speed and agility when it comes to the wood laminate floors.

Here is "curly" after swim lessons today. He is really loving swim class and was kicking and splashing the water the entire class! He has made a few friends and enjoys playing with them in the pool!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St Patty's day and more Florida pics!

Happy St Patrick's Day! Hope you all enjoy this beautiful day and finish it off with a green beer or a Guinness! I finally put the rest of our pics up from Florida. They may be out of order, but at least you get the idea.
Joey enjoying the fire truck in the house. I think this was right after he woke up!
Dad and Caden walking to the beach
Mom and Caden at Bowman beach on Captiva Island, one of our favorite places to go! Of course followed up by Pinnochio's ice cream...the best!

Caden still does not have any teeth, but works hard on them every day!

Grandma Ginny and Joey at the beach. It was so much fun to watch Joey army crawl all over the sand. He loved it!

Dad and Caden working with the dump truck

Caden eating sand for the first time! Oddly enough, it didn't really bother him. Whatever it takes to get the toys in the mouth, he doesn't care as long as he can bite on something!

Mark, Me, Caden, Joey, Joe and Amy

Good family pic!

Testing out mom's sunglasses on the way home

Joey, Joe and Caden at the house...getting ready to go to the pool

Caden and Grandpa Joe at Pincher's restaurant downtown Ft Myers on the Caloosahatchee River

Grandma Ginny and Caden at the restaurant

Caden taking a nap at the pool

Joey and Joe having fun at the pool
the crab vs the fire truck!
Mark, Caden, Joey and Joe
(right before Caden decided he was all done with the pool that afternoon) Grandparents and Joey
This was the first day at the pool for Caden! A little cool with the wind, but he was tough.
Caden having fun with Grandpa and really enjoying the fire truck!
Best toy for $4!
Grandma with Caden, drying off and staying warm.
On the way back from the pool, this is my mom/dad's house in the background.
Caden's hair began to show some curl down in FLA. He looks like a big boy and totally different with the curly hair!

Mom and Caden going down the slide! This was Caden's first real trip to the park! He had so much fun! There is a farmer's market right downtown by the water and this great park. It was hard to keep my dad from buying a little from everyone!
Riding the swing with Daddy! He loved it so much and laughed most of the time on the swing!
Caden's first swing ride!
Mommy and Caden at the outlet mall
Thanks Aunt Jenny/Uncle Brian for the new truck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home from Florida!

We had a fantastic time in Florida! Caden was a little angel on the airplane through all 4 flights (connecting in Atlanta). He took a nap on each plane ride, so that made it great for me...a little warm with the my little "bundle" napping on my chest. We swam in the pool, went shopping, went to the beach, had a lot of stroller walks around the neighborhood, a few meals out and many meals in...we enjoyed our time with my fmaily and wish that the warm weather was here when we got back. I will post more pics this week, but here are a few from the beginning of the trip. Caden and I were there from March 1-9, and Mark met us on Wed to Sun.
On the way down to Ft Myers, it just so happened that Atlanta was due for a snowstorm. Lucky me, I took Caden to get changed in the bathroom just as the turbulence started! It was ridiculous! I was the person in the bathroom that was running into things and making a ton of noise. This was the nice flight attendant that checked on us and had me sit in the back of the plane because the turbulence was so bad I couldn't walk up the aisle! And meanwhile, Caden thought it was hilarious the whole time! Oh the fun!
Here is Caden enjoying the new water toy from Grandma & Grandpa. There is a little horn on the fron that squeaks and everything! He had a blast sitting in it and he wasn't even on the water!

Caden helping Grandma work on some crocheting. He loved the texture of the netting material she was working with. And it was funny to watch him try to put it in his mouth because he didn't like the feel on his tongue.

An outdoor meal with Grandma and Grandpa, it was good to be outside eating again! We cannot wait for cookouts this spring/summer!

Grandpa was letting him feel the thatch roof of the tiki bar.

I had to take advantage of the big cow on the patio. Why wouldn't I put him on top for a pic!

Picking out fishing supplies with Grandpa, he was trying to grab the lures on the pages.
Mom and Caden

30 Weeks old!