Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend trip to Columbus

Sammie will be one tomorrow, but I am running behind schedule with my pictures. Stay tuned for new pics of our cute little one yr old! Hard to believe that the year has gone so fast!

These pics are out of order, but hey what can you do! At the beginning of October we took the kids on a weekend trip to Columbus for my cousin Anthony's wedding. They had a great time seeing their cousins and some of mine too! The kids and I first started at the Columbus zoo (awesome!), then visited some friends and fed their alpacas, then we met up with Mark and my family at the hotel for dinner and that was just on friday. On Sat the kids swam at the hotel pool, stayed up late watching Toy Story 3 (which isn't as kid friendly as the other two), had a babysitter, and then had delicious ice cream on sunday and also played at the mall playground! We packed a lot into that weekend! Our kids had a great time despite the fact that Samantha was a little under the weather. Not sure what she had, but she has been teething and had a low fever, and then a rash when we got home...(maybe roseola).
Papa Joe holding the sick Sam and Caden chowing down on ice cream in Dublin
Jeni's ice cream is the best!!!
On the way to get ice cream!
Gigi, Cade and Aunt Jen
swimming at the hotel
kids swimming with papa Joe
(samantha was feeling a little under the weather, if you cannot tell)

Eating at the hotel with my cousins Theresa and JuliAnn
Pajama party at the hotel watching Toy Story 3
Visiting my college friends Karen, Lane and their baby Wolf (born on Mark's bday 3/30)
Sam and Lane playing with the pots/pans set
pic with us and the kids
feeding the alpacas
Sammie checking out the alpacas
Bats at the zoo
Sammie along for the ride
Caden was all about the polar bear statues...