Sunday, June 13, 2010

June pics - part 1

Caden outside enjoying the morning. Usually we eat breakfast, load into the double stroller and then go for a walk with Nia, then we come back and Sammie takes a nap and Caden and I head outside. Sam is still taking 3 naps, but not everyday. She cannot decide if she wants to cut her last nap out or not.

Samantha and Nia, My girls

Caden loves all the tools in the garage, and loves it even more when he can help Dad use them.
Dad and Caden working on a cedar chest
Dad & his girl ready for the Strawberry Festival in Troy
cute girl

Me and the kids (and Nia) at the Strawberry festival parade

the whole fam!

Isaac Winner running around the house with Caden
Sammie going swimming at Grammie Clarice and Papa Dave's house

loving the water!

Dad with the kids

Some friends came over for a last minute cookout.
Jessi and Grant on the patio

Becca and Nora

Josie and Caden chowing on some Doritos! He was in heaven and couldn't eat them fast enough. I think he caught Josie off guard! Just a taste of what she will be dealing with when Grant starts walking a little bit more!

Owen Poeppleman chillin on the table

kids in one of our favorite spots, the bay window. They love to sit and look out at the birds and watch Dad (or neighbors) cut the grass.

First corn on the cob of the summer!

My parents (along with my aunts/uncles) have purchased a family property for us all to enjoy! One weekend we went up for a visit and stopped in Medina on our way out of town on Sunday. Here is Gigi and Caden on the back patio for lunch. It is a really cool place, but will need some work. To see more pics of the place, check out

Samantha and Dad

Aunt Jen came also!

Caden hanging out at the Winner house! We had to go meet Erin Winner, the newest addition! She was born at the beginning of May. Congrats to the whole family, she is beautiful!

A little gathering of friends...the Versailles boys and their kids (minus Sam, she was asleep)
Jeff Reed and Addyson, Tony Bergman and Josie and Grant, Mark and Caden
Caden trying to wrestle with Grant...he wasn't hip to that.

Friday, June 11, 2010

May pics

Our fam on Mother's Day at the Troy CC
Me and my boy
Trying to get the kids together for a pic
Caden in his overalls

Sammie enjoying some food in the highchair

Caden playing bubbles in the driveway, they never last very long. His favorite thing to do is pour them onto the cement.

Michelle (Godmother) and Matt with Samantha for her baptism

Grammie Clarice and Samantha

Sammie's baptism cake

Caden and Joey sharing the police cruiser

Grammie Clarice and Papa Dave with Sammie

Papa Joe, Great Grandpa Francis, Sammie and Papa Dave

The fam after the baptismal mass

Joe & Michelle - the Godparents

Great Grandma Schmidt, Grandpa Tom, Grandma Marge and the rest of the crew

Us with Great Grandpa Tom Francis

Us with the priest

Us with my fam

Uncle Brian and Aunt Jen with Sammie girl
Samantha was great for her baptism. Mark had bets that she was going to cry like crazy, but she proved him wrong! She loved being the center of attention (uh oh!) especially when the congregation clapped for her. Then she took a nap on dad for the rest of the mass. A quick catnap to rest up for her party!

before mass

kids with Papa Joe and Gigi

batman and the little cupcake