Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A little while back we took the kids to the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton. The kids had so much fun exploring everything in there.

Samantha loved the water table, no surprise there. She spits her milk/water on the floor just so she can play in it.
Caden loved the recycling truck!

... and the pizza kitchen. So much fun stuff to explore!
This was a big dig to find fossils, but Caden really just liked to use the dump trucks to pick up the dirt.
Little tent that I made for the kids in Caden's room. Other than the occasional head bonk, they love playing in there and hiding from me.
Sam having fun in the bath tub!
She loves her little rocking chair
Caden's class having a snack in the other building, they loved the new spot!
in the art studio
making pumpkin muffins for a snack
reading books
meeting Parker Hemmelgarn!
So cute and the kids had so much fun checking him out and playing with his baby toys.
Hemo and Lindsey and the munchkins

enjoying some time out
playing with his set of tools, thanks Papa Dave
our little girl is getting so big
Baby shower for my friend Lisa (& Pat)
Me, Corrie, Lisa and Karen - all friends from OU and they are all prego at the same time!
The kids were in the family room being quiet and watching some tv this winter...needless to say I thought they were up to something. Silence = trouble, usually.
I peeked in the room and saw them cuddling and watching tv, so cute.
Sammie sitting with her Nia dog. She is so funny how she will back up and sit down right by Nia.
Mark and I were working on a little diy project.
This is a picture of our old front door. It seems that I kind of got attached to our the thing, it was our first home together with our family. So therefore I was trying to figure out how to transform it so we could keep it in the house.
After stripping the laquer, cutting out the window, painting it with milk paint, installing a mirror and old door knobs, this is what we are left with...a unique hall tree.
Caden helping to drill a hole in a maple tree at school, they are learning about using sap.
why not climb inside the bucket
coloring at Gigi and Papa Joe's, they love the new kids table
she is turning into a diva, loves wearing the beaded necklaces
sweet little Charlie
The newest addition! Natalie! Just look at that little smile.
I could hold her all day!
Enjoying some birthday cake for Gigi's birthday.
Sammie, Caden, Sidney, and Joey
Caden loving his cousin Natalie
The last time we went up there, he said the cutest thing to me.
Caden: "Mom, can we bring Natalie a toy"
Mom: "What do you want to bring her?"
Caden: "Maybe a truck...or backhoe.
My attempt at getting all the kids in a picture.
Caden, Colin, Joey, Charlie, Sidney and Sammie
Natalie's baptism

The kids had so much fun playing under the table at Jen/Brian's house.
They really like tents!
Playing with Aunt Mary