Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I didn't think that we were going to get dressed up this year, but we are going to a halloween party tonight. Even Caden is going to get dressed up. I will post a picture later. Till then have a goulishly good time this weekend. We had trick or treating yesterday and most of the kids didn't really care to much about their outfits...just wanted the candy. But, there was two kids who came dressed as the Spartan cheerleaders from Saturday Night Live...and they did cheers for me! It was the best!

Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum and the Cheshire Cat

Caden as the Cheshire Cat

(Ok, I made the costume and the left arm hole didn't quite allow his arm to fit in, hence the one arm hanging out.)

Me and Caden, Amy Winner and Isaac

The three little ones: Isaac, Caden, Kristin (she was a very cute duck)

Caden and Isaac

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Caden giggling

We were getting Caden ready for his bath and Nia was curious...she came over and sniffed and licked his hand. Apparently when I talked to Caden about it, he thought it was the funniest thing! We captured some video of his first laughs/giggles, but the picture quality isn't great. I couldn't help but laugh a little bit, it was cracking me up!

Sitting on the couch at home.

Trip to Fulton Farms

Here we are at Fulton Farms to pick out pumpkins. Nia was curious and checked out the bins with the pumpkins.

Family pic

Caden in the car on the way home

Holly and Nia

11 weeks old

Caden at 11 weeks old
something is funny!

Before Amy (Winner) goes back to work, we got together last week to hang out.
Here is Caden sleeping in the bouncy chair.

Isaac and Caden chillin' on the couch

Monday, October 20, 2008

LaGuardia family weekend

On Wednesday, Oct 15th, Caden and I went up to Aurora (Cleveland) to see my family and prepare for my sister's wedding. I am waiting for pictures from the wedding, we didn't take much on our camera, because I was in the wedding and Mark was busy watching Caden and being a fantastic dad! But here are some pictures from the weekend.

My brother Joe and nephew Joey in the bumbo!

Caden in his first Halloween outfit!
Dad and Caden dressed and ready for the wedding

After his first swim in the hotel pool! He loved it and did great!

Caden smiling

Check out the video of Caden smiling, cooing and trying to control his hands!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4 generations of Francis men

Caden and I took a trip up to Russia to the Francis foundry last week to take pictures with the Francis men. Cameo was so nice to come out and take some great pictures. Thank you, Cameo!

Great Grandpa Tom, Grandpa Dave, Mark and Caden

Great Grandpa Tom and Caden

Grandpa Dave and Caden

the happy fam

9 weeks old

We went to see Dr Wilimitis (in Tipp City) for Caden's 2 month checkup today, Oct 8th. He is really doing good and has been a pretty great baby so far. We are thankful for his health and are happy that he is not a colicky baby. He may not sleep "through the night", whatever that means, but he sleeps from about 10pm to 2am or 11pm to 3am, sometimes 3:45am depending. That is an improvement from the first weeks, so I will take it! He is holding his head up for short periods of time and is smiling and cooing a lot. The other day Caden turned over from his tummy to his back, it startled him both times! It won't be long till he is crawling around.

Here are his stats so far:
12lbs 10oz - 75th percentile
23 1/2inches long - 75th percentile
15 1/8inches, head circum. - 25th percentile
* we are not a family of large heads!

9 weeks old

Trip up north to see the fam

2 months old!
Picking raspberries at Monroe farm in Hiram. This seems to be an annual event for us! They have great apples, pears and pumpkins as well!
Papa Joe with Caden in the baby bjorn, he cannot get enough of his thumb.

Pictures of the nursery

Caden has been sleeping in his crib for about 2 weeks now. He seems to enjoy it, and he just started taking interest in his mobile.
This dresser was mine when I was a baby, it started out white. Then I stripped the paint off and painted it different colors and put on new fun knobs and took it to college with me.

Then Mark stripped the paint off again and he painted it this sage green color for the nursery. (Yes that is a Diaper Genie Elite that my neighbor gave us.)

A turtle shaped wicker toy basket that my sisters-in-law gave me for my shower. Caden has plenty of toys to play with once he cares about them!
Window bench seat/book shelf from Target. Perfect for inside the dormers.

A blanket that I made for friends that just had their first baby.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

8 weeks old

Caden at 8 weeks old!

Another playdate with the roomies.

(Tricia/Kristin, Amy/Isaac and Me/Caden)

Caden, Isaac and Kristin (Andrew in red sweatshirt - oops)

Our little OU Bobcat (thanks Uncle Brian for the onesie)