Friday, February 22, 2008

Bathroom has been finished!

Well, for those of you that have checked our blog, I am sorry to disappoint! As you can tell, I have not updated since the bathroom has been finished. Mark and I are getting down to the end of our construction projects upstairs...finally. Carpet is down, and casing/baseboards are up and looking great as well as the fact that there are now doors on our upstairs rooms, they were off getting painted and now have returned home! Matt and Angela Grilliot visited us last Friday, and enjoyed the "no door" experience upstairs. The one bonus with "no doors" is that Nia is free to greet you in the middle of the night. After that small interruption, I woke up at 2:45am to Mark building a barracade in front of our door to keep "the animal" contained in our room! But anyways, we are very excited about our master bedroom that is now completed for the most part. But are all the projects ever really done?!?!?! Mark has been working his little butt off in the evenings and is doing a great job, despite minor setbacks, he is really working on his DIY skills and patience. Thanks Mark for all your hard work! You are the best!

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