Thursday, June 26, 2008

33 weeks and 4 days...

I got back from my doctor's appointment this morning and everything is still looking good! Baby's heartbeat is around 145bpm still and my belly is measuring 34cm which is right on for where I am in the pregnancy. I am still feeling great, slowing down a little bit which is tough and seems to catch me off guard by the end of the day. No swelling, back pain or problems sleeping so no complaints here! I am still able to take a weekly pilates class (one on one session) and daily walks with Nia, which she loves. Just trying to keep moving!! This week is my last week of work for now, thank you to my clients who have been very understanding. It has been hard to have a stop date, but now that I am there I think July will be a little more relaxing.

Meanwhile, Mark and I have been checking off our to-do list, you know the one that is titled "things to get done before the baby arrives"! We will see how much we can get done! Mark has been a huge help in doing all the things that I cannot do any longer and then some. The baby's dresser/changing table is the biggest project we have left and it is almost finished. Half is moved into the nursery and the other half needs one more coat of paint. I am still working on room decor/pictures/curtains etc in the nursery.

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