Monday, February 15, 2010

little peanut and buster brown

This is the onesie that Caden wore i think on day #2. It was a little snug on Samantha, but she had to put it on for a picture opportunity!
While we were bored and snowed in this month, I had a photo shoot with Samantha. I think she looks like a little boxer in this photo.

pretty little girl

We signed up to get a test box for a food co-op called the Miami River Foods Project (check it out at They are just trying to get it going, but Mark and I were really impressed with the food, selection and presentation. All things in the box are either organic, eco-friendly, and/or local. We received a butternut squash, Winan's coffee, olive oil (organic from CA), 7th Generation dish soap and toilet paper roll, loaf of Spelt bread, blackberry blaze jam, rosemary crackers, dozen eggs, whole chicken, pork chops, chicken breasts, chevre cheese, gretna's grillin' cheese, and homemade butter. We look forward to the next month's box!
We had dinner at our neighbor's/friend's house a couple weekends ago. Caden loves their dog Ben (Nia's boyfriend) and was so excited to play with the toys that Bill and Ruth got down from their attic. Ruth is an amazing cook and we always have such a great time when we are with the Barney's!
Plus they always have a fire in the fireplace in the winter time! I love sitting by the fire!
Sam has been sticking her tongue out a lot lately. Thought I would catch it on the camera.
It was hard and I was a little nervous, but was able to get a pic with the kids together. Caden wasn't sure what to do when Sam was leaning up against him. He thought it was hilarious!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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