Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trip down south...

At the beginning of March I took the kids down to Florida for a little vacation. Unfortunately, Mark couldn't make the trip due to limited vacation time for work. But my dad was able to come down and fly with me and the kids out of Dayton. The kids were great and my dad was an angel! Here is Caden and Grandpa Joe on the plane. After the sun came up he was thrilled to look out the window and see all the other planes, trucks and people.

Me and Sammy girl

Grandma Ginny tickling the boys
and then stopping them from rough-housing eachother. It is funny to watch them play rough with each other! Too much fun! I can just see how it is going to be in 5 years!
Joey the crab

The boys tackled Grandpa and tried to stuff him in a box.

Joe, Amy and Joey on the boat at the Naples Zoo.
The boat took us around to a few little islands to see different kinds of monkeys.

Stopping for a PB & J break at the zoo.

We also got a small blow up pool for the front yard. Caden didn't want to go in, but Joe and Joey loved it! The boys also got a bath in here one night...yes we are high class in the neighborhood!

Sammy's first trip to the beach! Here is my Aunt Marie shielding the wind from Samantha. The Ft Myers beach was a little windy when we got down there, but still fun!

Grandpa Joe taking the boys to get water in their buckets.

Grandma Ginny cuddling with Sammy
Grandparents and the boys at Manatee Park
We bought a bag of sand for the boys to play with on the sidewalk at the house...this was a huge hit! They couldn't wait to get out there and play in the sand in the mornings!


Three cousins!
Joey (2 yrs), Samantha (4 mths) Caden (19 mths)
Who would've thought we would have blond haired kids in our family!?!

Me and my boy!

Aunt Marie trying to help get Joey calmed down in the evening.

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