Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall fun!

Happy 1st Bday, Samantha!
Hard to believe that our little girl has turned one! Unreal really. It is amazing how much she has changed our lives (I am sure Caden would agree). Sam is a very curious and fun-loving girl. I love that she finds joy in the littlest cute. We love you Samantha!
(I have pics from her bday and will post soon)
our little diva
All dressed up for Aunt Jen's baby shower
she loved going through the bag of tissue paper
Caden loves to pour the sand onto the picnic table...not one of my favorite things.
Too bad winter is coming because Sam has been really excited about the sandbox lately.

The Overfield Fall Festival was so much fun for the kids! They had a great time playing. All Caden wanted to do was to play in the huge sand box. He didn't care that there was a treasure hunt in the sand box...just wanted the backhoe and dumptruck and he was set to go in the sand box. Such a funny kid.
Our friend, Ben and his son Owen
Sammie loved riding the horse, Caden thought he might try but then found out he did not want to get on that horse!

mini bounce house

Samantha sitting in the fire truck! Bonus - seeing her sit there was all the motivation that her big brother needed to see! ha

Reading to the kids before bed one night. It is fun when they can just sit and listen to the book and cuddle up together. They have really begun to like our routine at nighttime of reading together in Sammie's room in the rocker.
Caden at the school (Overfield) sandbox, his favorite place to be when we go outside

Picasso painting at school

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