Friday, April 8, 2011


It has been awhile...Samantha just turned 18mths!
She is really showing her personality, which can be hilarious and exhausting at times. She is a huge fan of her new Curious George pjs and her vocab is growing so quickly!
After seeing her brother sit on the potty lately, she loves to go in and sit on the potty.
"Bye, Bye pee pee" is what she always says when it is time to get up.

I thought this was funny...Sammie likes to shake her milk cup and slam it on the table (I am not a huge fan) and this was the result at breakfast one day.
A visit to see Great Papa Tommy, Papa Dave and Daddy at work. Great Papa Tommy loves to give them M&M's and they love it too!
A brief hail storm a couple weeks ago, it was so loud it woke the kids up from their naps.
They had no idea what was going on.
Samantha joins us at school every now and again, she chose the perfect day to come...pancake day!
Helping Mrs A stir the batter
Sam investigating the sand table and the dinosaurs
Hanging out in the fire truck with my sis!
Taking a bike ride around the neighborhood.
Papa Joe and most of the grandkids. (Charlie was in bed already)
Sweet Natalie Marie
Hanging out at Aunt Jen's house on the bean bag chair
She's got style...gotta love the rain boots and pjs look!
Getting ready for movie night with dad...helping with the Whirley pop
We went to see the Steyer's a couple weeks ago. Here is Caden and Gibson riding on the horse.
Painting with Ruby

Firechief Caden
"Banana cream pie" snacks
pudding, nilla wafers and bananas

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gusDon said...

live with the children is always fun, they bring inspiration!
nice and a happy family, amazing!