Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fairs, family and lots of summer fun!

Summer fun!
I caught Caden putting his arm around his sister while we were at the Akron Ribfest. So cute or maybe was just looking to hold on to the creaky ride. Either way...he wasn't pushing her out, so cute!
It is always fun when I get together with my siblings. Seems like we never grew up and can crack each other up! Joe and I saw this blow up caterpillar at the festival and I told him he had to climb inside for a pic. Too darn funny! How can the entrance and exit be like that, its almost not right! Ha!
Papa Joe at the family farm with most of the grandkids on a gator-ride (and one random kid)
Some of our family was in town from Italy. We got together at Jen/Brian's house for a cookout with them and had a great time. There is a language barrier (with some more than others).
Brian and sweet Natalie
Jen came down with Natalie for a visit. Sammie was showing Nat all of her stuffed animals and books in her bed. They just love her!
Trip down to The Fraze for WingFest! (Ok we like festivals!)
Dad enjoying the fountain pools with the kids.
Sammie loving her ice cream
The kids have been having a ridiculous amount of fun taking the cushions off of the couches.
I know that my siblings and I used to do this when were little, I wonder if it drove my mom crazy. It does keep them busy and they think it is a trampoline.
We fell into the train trap at the mall. On an evening trip out to Dayton one night, we took the kids to the mall. They played on the indoor playground with the rowdy kids and then we saw the train upstairs...the kids wanted to go on so we caved. Kind of a dissapointment.
Garden 2011
So far the garden has produced a lot of veggies for us.
The garlic has been pulled and is hanging up. Zucchinis are done now, and the eggplants are almost ready to be eaten. The peppers and cucumbers have been pickled and the tomatoes just keep on coming. It was our first year of eating our asparagus (need to wait 3yrs) and it is amazing the difference between fresh and store bought. So delicious! I am anxious to try the sweet potatoes (new item this year).

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