Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stammen wedding in the Thumb

Thought I would post some pictures of Joel and Becca's wedding in Port Austin, Michigan. Where is Port Austin you may ask? 6 hours north of Troy on the very tip of the Michigan thumb. And no, it is not a very big town. We had a great time (mostly Mark) at the Blue Spruce Motel, although we weren't able to go into the swimming pool because the weather was just a little too cool! It was nice to see the lake and walk around the cute little town. The group managed to take over The Landing (small dark/dingy bar), play lots of cornhole, have a campfire and stay up late 3 nights in a row. Thank you to Joel and Becca for an unforgettable weekend! Mark is still recovering! Your wedding was fun and it really looked like you guys had a great time as well. We are so happy for you and hope you are having a great time on the honeymoon! See you when you get back.

Mark and I on the Port Austin beach.

Jeff & Kyley at the beach.

Mark in the dancing zone.

Tony untz dancing.

A little sign rearrangement.

Reed and Dan singing karaoke with the poodle hair lady in back and Hinker in front.

Tony singing The Gambler and Mark "the sidekick" helps from the audience. lovely.

On the way back from MI, Mark and I were talking about this trip being our last big hurrah before the baby comes! Yikes, it is hard to believe that 9 months can go by so fast! Well, this summer has surely been fun and we look forward to our little one's arrival very soon. I will be seeing the doctor on a weekly basis now to see if we are making any progress. I will be sure to keep you all updated.

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