Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1 Month old

I forgot to post something after his 2 week visit with the doc, so here you go. At his 2 week visit with the doctor, he was 21 inches long and 9 lbs and 4 oz, more than 1 lb up from his birthweight of 8lbs 2oz. He did really well at the doctor's office, didn't mind being naked on the scale...I was just waiting for him to pee on all of us while he was waiting to be weighed! It didn't happen fortunately.
Here is a 3rd week picture.

The other day Caden and I went on a little road trip to Greenville, OH to see my old college friends/roommates and their new additions. Tricia/Jeremy Geiser had a beautiful little girl named Kristin Madison and she has an amazing amount of hair! Kristin was born on July 19th. Amy/Rob Winner welcomed their second boy, Isaac Steven, on August 14th.

I had to put one on of little Andrew Winner with all of us.

Andy Metcalf (college friend) visiting with the babies.

Caden and his new friend Isaac Winner. They are only 1 week apart!

Today Caden is 1 month old!!! Hard to believe! So far our little family is getting along pretty good. We have adjusted (somewhat) to the lack of sleep and are happy that Caden wakes up every 2-3 hours at night. This is a change from the first week when he was waking every 30-60 minutes! So much better. His umbilical cord stump fell off at about 2 1/2 weeks and he now enjoys being submerged for his baths. If you cannot tell from the pictures, Caden has deep blue eyes and a good amount of brown hair. He is just starting to smile a little bit more which is very exciting!

4 week picture

More bath photos...
When my parents came to visit, we all went down to Dayton for a family night out. We went to the Dayton mall, Babies R' Us (of course), Dewey's pizza (which is on my top 3 best pizza places) and to Dolcessa (a Gelateria down by UD that I have been trying to locate for a few months now). We had a great time out of the house, mostly me, and Caden was a gem. Only waking at Dewey's in hopes of getting a slice of pizza.

Caden and Grandpa Dave

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Nolan said...

I love the bath picture...especially the hairy sasquatch in the background. Wear a T-shirt, Mark. Don't depend on your sweater to cover everything.