Friday, September 26, 2008

7 Weeks old

Here is a picture of Caden at 7 weeks old. I finally got a smile on camera!

Caden has been looking around at everything. It is amazing how strong his neck is!

We went for a hike the other afternoon to Taylorsville Park in Vandalia. Everyone had a great time! Nia saw more squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits then she usually sees at the house. She was just pissed that she was on a leash and couldn't chase them! Caden liked riding in the baby Bjorn with Mark, he was awake for most of the hike and then fell asleep towards the end. He really wanted to look around at all the trees!


liz said...

he is getting so big...we can't wait to meet him at Thanksgiving. love and miss you. liz, elle, and ry

Jennifer said...

It's Aunt Jenny. I hope I get to see that beautiful smile this weekend...i miss you and i love you! Keep growing, but not too fast! Love, Aunt Jenny

Nolan said...

Love seeing smiles, they are so precious. It is crazy how quickly they gain head control. Hope to meet him soon.