Friday, March 20, 2009

31 & 32 weeks

Happy 1st Birthday to Joey! We love you and cannot wait for your bday party this weekend!
31 Weeks old!

A fondant covered St Patty's day birthday cake for Tricia!

Had to put a picture up of us bellydancing in Cincinnati. We went for Tricia's birthday with a group of girls and had a really fun time. Quite a workout I must say! I couldn't get enough of the little scarf belt things we got to wear! They made such a nice sound!

Goddess pose

We saw the Reed's, Bergman's and Stammen's this past weekend...a nice unexpected surprise! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the other is Kyley and Addyson (6wks).

32 Weeks this week

I think I forgot to mention that over our vacation in Florida, Caden began crawling. He showed interest in crawling before we left, and then practiced what his cousin Joey taught him while we were down there. This past week he has really been taking off! Watch out! He shows a lot of interest in the fireplace and cannot get to his activity table fast enough! Hasn't figured out how to pull himself up to it yet though. He zooms on the carpet, but is still working on his speed and agility when it comes to the wood laminate floors.

Here is "curly" after swim lessons today. He is really loving swim class and was kicking and splashing the water the entire class! He has made a few friends and enjoys playing with them in the pool!

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