Monday, April 6, 2009

33 and 34 weeks

Our peanut at 33 Weeks!

We just began a food delivery service with Fulton Farms called the "Happy Box (CSA)". Every Tuesday they deliver various organic fruits/vegetables either that they have from their farms or from a wholesaler that they then sell out of their store. This is a portion of what we received last week. In total we received 6 plastic bins full of food that we split and share with our neighbors, The Barney's. So far the produce was great and we look forward to what will come this week!
If interested, look at the website
Here are some royal icing flowers that I made in my class. We made them on foil squares and then when they dry you can place them on the cake. I love the Easter Lilys the best, but the poinsettias are the easiest.A beautiful day outside last week. Caden and I had lunch out there and then enjoyed some time on the blanket and learning about the grass vs the concrete.

34 Weeks

This is how Caden is when we get him from his naps. Usually he stands there and talks...meanwhile he slaps the crib rail with his hand. It is pretty funny!

He absolutely loves this mirror with the giraffe. It was Mark's when he was little and we haven't gotten around to hanging it up yet...I know...slackers. Anyways, I sit with him while he plays with the mirror and feels the giraffe.
Here is his toy box in his room. Loves getting into that! See the black/white collie...every time he wakes up from his nap and sees that dog, he laughs. It cracks me up everytime!

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