Tuesday, May 19, 2009

40 Weeks

40 Weeks old!

Caden had a big week this last week! Grandma Ginny and Grandpa Joe came into town on Friday for a visit. We enjoyed lunch on our patio and then walked around the neighborhood to check out the garage sales. FYI: if you come to Shenandoah (our hood) for garage sale weekend, watch out! People apparently forget how to drive and abide by no traffic laws! It was fun and we picked up a few good finds. After that, Caden laid down for a nap and Mom, Dad and I relaxed and waited for Mark to get home. Grandma and Grandpa watched Caden for the evening while Mark and I went to Lindsay and Hemo's rehearsal and dinner and of course out to play late night Golden Tee! The boys had to give Hemo a last night of Golden Tee as a bachelor...or something of that nature.

Saturday we worked in the yard, and when I say "we" it is mostly my mom and dad. They mowed grass which I wish I had a video of. Let me paint the picture for you...we used to live on 5 acres of land and were comfortable cutting grass on a John Deere mower. So it has been two plus years since my dad cut grass on a riding mower and he decided to give ours a go. Boy was that funny! Talk about America's funniest videos and $1 million dollars, if only we had a video we would have won that show. It looked like my dad was drunk and driving the mower! Absolutely hilarious! The mower lilnes were all over the place not to mention the barrier rocks from our beds that were knocked all over the place and one stuck under the mower. Unbelieveable!

We did not see much of Mark on Saturday as he was tending to the groom. Anyway, we went for a quick walk around the hood and then off to the wedding. The ceremony was very nice and the hall looked great! It was down at The Irish Club in Vandalia, nice little place. Caden enjoyed celery, well he didn't really chew it since he does not have any teeth yet. But he sure liked sucking on it! He loved seeing all the people and listening to the music at church and the reception. Grandma & Grandpa took Caden home while we (or Mark) enjoyed the evening and closed down the reception at midnight.

Congrats Hemo and Lindsay!

Sunday was a busy day as well. Grandpa put up Caden's swing in the tree and although it was chilly, he loved riding in his swing all bundled up! Mom & Dad dug a trench so that I could plant asaparagus and we also planted 2 blueberry bushes, lavendar, sage, rosemary, thyme, chives, dill and mint. We cannot wait to reap the benefits! Thank you mom & dad for all of your help this weekend, you are bionic and your energy amazes me! The trees look great and the birds are so happy they can see the feeders now that the trees are pruned. See you soon!

I had a checkup appointment yesterday with Dr Dilworth. The baby's heartbeat was 155 and everything looks good. Other than being tired, I have been feeling great. And the advice from my friends with 2+ kids...you do start showing earlier than with the first! Great! Except this time I gave in and put the maternity pants on asap...comfort wins this go round! And this weekend was the first time that I could feel the baby moving/kicking around in there! So exciting!
Here are some videos of Caden. Here he is ripping up my cooking magazine

Caden has taken an interest in Nia's tug/rope. The funny thing is that he doesn't try to put it in his mouth. He carries it around the house with him and trys to give it to Nia. At one point she tugged on the other end and he cracked up laughing! It is amazing to see that Caden is now understanding more and more every day. He is recognizing more words, is saying "ma-ma-ma-ma", climbing our stairs and trying to stand on his own without holding on. He is really starting to grow up in front of our eyes!

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