Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Yesterday was my birthday and not just any old bday, but the 30th! We are getting, that is for sure. I had a great day with Caden and Nia. And since our air conditioner/heat pump system is broken...happy birthday...we will be purchasing a new one of those. Better to realize it now then in July when my prego butt is complaining because it is so hot in the house!
Caden and I met Tricia for lunch at the Benchwood exit. Thanks for lunch! It was good to see her, although she didn't have Kristin with her, next time maybe. Then Mark and I said bye bye to Caden and Aisha (our babysitter) and went to dinner at Toone P Wiggins in Sidney. It was so nice outside that we sat on their patio...funny that we were the only ones out there and the first of the seaon to sit out there. Strange. The food was great and we returned home to a happy dog and a sleeping baby. Gotta love that! Thank you for all the bday wishes!

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