Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall is here!

My parents came down for a quick visit last Friday and left Saturday afternoon. They had to see Caden walking and wanted one last visit before the next one arrives. Although it was a quick visit, we had a great time. Friday night we just hung out at our house, had dinner and watched Caden pull all his toys out and show off that he can walk now! He loves to climb on and off his truck and also has learned that he can throw a ball quite well! On Saturday, mom and I took Caden to Fulton Farms to pick out a few extra pumpkins and get some apples for applesauce. They have a wooden train out front that the kids can play on and Caden just couldn't get enough of driving the train (or thinking he was driving the train).

Attempting to crawl out the front of the train
wheelbarrow full of pumpkins and one peanut
Which one do I want.....

Then we stopped at the Miami County Fall Festival briefly to check out the crafts and animals. Caden was pretty pumped up to see the old tractors as well as the donkey, sheep, bunnies, goats, ducks and pigs. He practiced his animal noises especially the sheep which has become his favorite (next to the monkey I guess).
This week Tuesday Caden and I made a trip up to Russia to visit with Mark at lunch and also to go see Grandpa Francis. We went over to Grandpa's house so that Caden could crawl around for Grandpa, he just loves to watch him crawl. Once Caden woke up and was comfortable in his surroundings, it was hard to stop him from exploring the house.
The Francis fellas

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