Thursday, October 1, 2009

He walks!

Caden has been taking a music class at the YMCA in Troy on Monday mornings. He enjoys the songs and parachute games, but has the most fun looking out the windows and playing with the other kids. The eggs are filled with beans and the kids really enjoy shaking them to the music. Little Brooke Davis is to the left of Caden.

I met up with my two college roommates (Amy Winner and Tricia Geiser) the other day at Ruby Tuesday's. After many attempts to get pics of all the kids together, this is the best one!
Caden, Kristin Geiser, Andrew & Isaac Winner
As you probably remember that Caden, Kristin and Isaac are about 3 weeks apart in age. It is so fun to see what they are getting into and I cannot wait until they can talk to each other.

Caden and Kristin going in for a hug!
Kristin going in for a kiss!

Caden not sure what just happened.

Caden has also been going to the library every Wednesday morning for storytime. They have playtime at the end of class and here is Caden in the green. He loves the foam balls and legos, but the yellow school bus is the biggest hit for all the kids.

Mark and I took Caden out for ice cream the other night and then went to the park in Tipp City and to watch a little of the Tipp girls soccer game.
On the merry go round with dad.

Caden and I stopped at the Horseshoe Bend farm to get fall decorations the other day. Here is a pic of Caden with the huge pumpkin! He absolutely loves pumpkins and can spot them anywhere.

Sipping out of a straw like a big boy!

Taking a bath with a mohawk
I love bathtime!
After much waiting, Caden decided last week Monday that he was going to start walking. He has been taking a step here and there, but finally has put them together and is walking a lot more! Mark was out of town the last weekend in Sept and I think Caden was waiting for him to come home so that he could show off for him!

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