Sunday, November 15, 2009

October update, a little late...

Well, due to Samantha's early arrival I did not get any of the Halloween and end of October pictures up on the blog. I know you all probably would rather see new photos of our little one, but what the hey...there are some really cute pics of Caden.

For those of you that didn't know...we were hosting a dinner party at our house the night before Samantha was born. My old college roommates, Amy & Tricia, and their families came over to our house for a turkey dinner and to let the rugrats run around together. Luckily for Mark they were over, because as the party was ending and we just finished guessed it (or you already knew the story) water broke! Yep, talk about uncomfortable and not too much fun. At least my girls were around to help me out and to help Mark because I think he was as shocked as I was! Anyways, here are some pics of the kids prior to the "craziness"!

Nia and Caden playing catch or tug
Our neighborhood just added an entrance to a nature preserve and Caden, Nia and I went to check it out one day. Here is little buster, it was hard to get past the entrance because there was a bike rack and rocks...all things that Caden wanted to check out.

He started walking the trail on his own, but I soon became tired from bending down to keep him moving on the trail. He loved the sticks and watching all the grasshoppers.

Helping rake the leaves

Giving Nia a hug.

Mom and Caden carving pumpkins. Caden helped me empy the seeds and goop.

pre-samantha on 10/28/09 (a little late, I know)
Caden loved this big bowl! He quickly realized that he could fit in there and then I would spin him in circles.
Caden playing with nia

Checking out the jack-o-lantern

Checking to see if the seeds and goop are still in there
Success! Finally got the ball away from Nia.

Tigger, Fred Flinstone and Nia
Tigger enjoying his Tootsie-Pop.
We made it out trick or treating for about 1 hour, but once Caden had his tootsie pop he didn't really care about going to anymore houses. He had fun seeing the other kids and checking out the decorations.

This is back at our house in the front yard. Caden was on a bit of a sugar high!

Caden saw his first earthworm the other day and I just had to put this video on, it cracks me up every time! (Warning to all you animal is not a happy ending for the earthworm.)

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