Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family update

After 3 weeks as a family of four, we are doing good. My mom was here for two weeks so last week was our first week of normalcy or insanity...take your pick, it switched about every hour. Caden had his 15 month checkup and Samantha had her 2 week checkup. Samantha had gained one pound and about 1/4" in length. She was 8lbs (40%) and 20 3/4" (50%), Caden is about 23lbs (25%) and 32" tall (75%).
Here is the little girl napping, she just loves to kick the blankets off of her.
Grandma Ginny loving on her first granddaughter
The Reed's stopped over for a visit and I just couldn't get a good pic of Caden and Addyson. They are 6 months apart.
Great Grandmother Viola and Samantha
4 Generations

Mark's family comes to meet Samantha

Dad and Samantha

Caden going for a ride!

"This is what cute looks like"
Caden helping Dad fix the toy boxes. Mark made two of these beautiful toy boxes for the kids and all their toys. At first Caden wasn't too sure about having his toys inside them...I quickly put a stop to that. Now he likes opening them up and closing them. Thanks Mark, they are great and all your hard work really paid off.
Caden found this empty bottle of Canadian Club and he has been carrying it around and biting on the lid. The poor kid has about 8 teeth coming in and has been biting on everything! I thought we went through this when Nia was a puppy and that would be it! Apparently our little boy will chew on anything to find some relief from his tooth pain!

This past weekend Mark and I took Caden on an outing (without Sam) to see some xmas lights down in Kettering at the Sugarplum Festival of Trees. He saw a lifesize Santa and about 50 trees, even sampled some chocolate buckeyes. It has been fun watching him enjoy the lights and holiday music so far.

The bath that turned into two baths one after another...a little poop blowout while drying her off called for another bath.

Caden and his best buddy, Nia. He just loves to give her hugs and he also trys to use her as a big pillow...she puts up with it about half the time.

My Aunt Martha/Uncle Lou sent Caden a "big brother" gift and he carried this matchbox car around for a few days straight.

Don't think that I have forgotten about the 52 week pictures for little Samantha...just running a little behind on posting them. Here are the first 3 weeks.

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