Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random pics from December

Samantha has been growing and sleeping a bit more! And mommy and Daddy love that! At her two month visit she is up to 10lbs 9oz and 22 3/4" long! So now she is fitting into some 0-3 month outfits, but because she is so long they(some) are getting tight on her already! She has been cooing and smiling at us and we have noticed that she loves when you talk to her. And when she feels ignored or out of the conversation she starts fussing...little miss princess!
After trying his new mittens on, Caden refused to take them off. So...he had his snack and water all with the mittens on! Too funny! His personality is really starting to show and also his little attitude when he is tired/hungry...but he gets that honestly from both sides!
Nia checking out the new tent!

And now Caden's turn. Lately he thinks it is hilarious when he hides in the tent and we run around looking for him. Actually, he has been doing that all over the house...seems like a game only for home. I can just see me freaking out looking for him in a store or something. Things to look forward to!

On our way to Grammy Clarice and Papa Dave's house for some sled riding with his cousins.

Trying to walk around in the snow pants and boots...A Christmas Story all over again!

Maddie, Caden and Uncle Ryan sledding

Grammy Clarice and Caden

Love this pic!

Caden and Dad

New Years Eve was spent at Scot/Amanda's house which was great. We went for a few hours so that Caden could run around and play and then got home by 9pm. Caden absolutely loved playing in the coupe car. You can see Payton (turning 1yr old this week) working on her walking skills.

Papa Dave and Samantha

Caden checking out his tunnel on xmas morning...forgot to post it before!

Xmas at Dave/Clarice's house...Caden had a ball with Jayne's dog Sophie. She is so soft and they chased each other all around! Very funny!

Samantha cooing and smiling

Funny boy with mittens

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