Wednesday, January 6, 2010

christmas #2, 3, 4 & 5

Although we did not travel up to see my family the week of Christmas, we were still driving all around. Christmas Eve is when the Francis side gets together with Grandpa/aunts/uncles/cousins, etc in Russia, OH. We did not take many pics, but here are a few. Caden had a great time this year. Not only because Santa showed up (he warmed up to him a little bit as you can see), but he could run around the hall with his cousins. Plus the cookies/desserts are within his reach now! Here is a pic of him chomping on a celery stick. That might have been the only thing that he slowed down to eat all night!

We ended up getting a pretty good family pic with Santa! At least Caden would look at him this time and agree to be in a picture with him.

Here is little Miles Hein (Matt/Krista Hein's little boy). A bit curious about Santa I'd say.

Then on Christmas day we were at our house and had a nice relaxing couple hours before we darted off to Marge/Tom's house for lunch. Caden was pretty excited about his new trucks/cars/books!

Aunt Michelle helping Caden open up new trucks from Grandma Marge and Grandpa Tom
Uncle Eric and Magnum (Nia's cousin)

Samantha and Aunt Michelle

Mark and Caden enjoying the new snow! Doesn't matter how many times his gloves fall off or how wet/cold he gets...Caden loves to be outside!

Papa Dave chilling with our milk guzzler, Caden.

Cousins Izzy and Maddie get in for a pic with Papa
Mark trying to put together one of Caden's xmas gifts
Uncle Ryan playing Elle's Dora game while Caden, Elle and Izzy look on.
Samantha's first bow!
Dinner with Clarice's brother Bruce/Kim and their two sons Connor and Christian.

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