Friday, June 11, 2010

May pics

Our fam on Mother's Day at the Troy CC
Me and my boy
Trying to get the kids together for a pic
Caden in his overalls

Sammie enjoying some food in the highchair

Caden playing bubbles in the driveway, they never last very long. His favorite thing to do is pour them onto the cement.

Michelle (Godmother) and Matt with Samantha for her baptism

Grammie Clarice and Samantha

Sammie's baptism cake

Caden and Joey sharing the police cruiser

Grammie Clarice and Papa Dave with Sammie

Papa Joe, Great Grandpa Francis, Sammie and Papa Dave

The fam after the baptismal mass

Joe & Michelle - the Godparents

Great Grandma Schmidt, Grandpa Tom, Grandma Marge and the rest of the crew

Us with Great Grandpa Tom Francis

Us with the priest

Us with my fam

Uncle Brian and Aunt Jen with Sammie girl
Samantha was great for her baptism. Mark had bets that she was going to cry like crazy, but she proved him wrong! She loved being the center of attention (uh oh!) especially when the congregation clapped for her. Then she took a nap on dad for the rest of the mass. A quick catnap to rest up for her party!

before mass

kids with Papa Joe and Gigi

batman and the little cupcake

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