Monday, June 7, 2010

April pics

Here are some of our pics from April. I have to post the actual baptism photos of our little beauty and a few others. And I also for got to mention in the last post that the long run was in Louisville, KY. Mark and I (Scot/Amanda Brewer, Jeff Reed and a few other friends) completed the Mini-marathon in Louisville. 13.1 miles around downtown and also went through Churchill Downs. There was about 15,000 runners/walkers and a ton of music and people to cheer you on the whole way. Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a race. We had fun out on the town on Sat night with Dan/Natalie Schlater as well!
Michelle and Matt came for a visit for Samantha's baptism and this was the Friday before the baptism. Just hanging out in the backyard.
At a visit back at my parents house, my good friend Sarah came over for a visit. It is always so good to see her and catch up.

Caden hanging out under the table

Papa Joe and Samantha
The two mouseketeers with Papa Joe
Sam (in a sweater that my mom made for her) and Aunt Jen Sammie's first ponytail!
Caden and Gigi
(that is what the kids are calling her now) My mom made Samantha's baptismal gown out of her wedding dress (that she also made) and it turned out beautifully! Here is a few pics of the wedding dress before taking it apart.

Samantha and Joey
He loves being around his new baby cousin always asking "Where's Baby?" or "Ohh Baby" so cute. This was before his little brother(Charlie) was born.
The three cousins!

Samantha enjoying lunch on our patio

Caden couldn't resist playing in the fountain and it was a cold spring day!

We took a trip to see Tricia/Jeremy/Kristin and the Winner family, here is a photo after the cookout and unfortunately after the Winner's had left. Caden, Sam and Kristin (bruised up from the patio stairs)

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