Friday, July 16, 2010

Trains, parades and a new cousin!

Finally getting up to date on our photos. Here are some more pictures of what we have been up to this June! We took a family trip down to Carillon Park in Dayton for the Railfest. It was so hot, so we made it a quick trip. We got there right when it opened and made our way to the train rides. I was pretty shocked at how much we all liked the train ride! It was almost 10mins long and the track took us all around. This train setup was pretty cool, Caden was able to push the red buttons to make certain things happen on the table. (the train go around the track, railroad crossing sign, dump truck)
Couldn't quite get a good pic of the boys who were sitting right behind Samantha and I.

Lil Miss sportin' the sunglasses
A trip up to see my parents and of course...the newest addition!! I will get to that.
Here is Papa Joe with Joey and Sam. It is funny how both boys want Samantha to try and do everything they can do.
Joey and Caden hanging out in the pool
always time for ice cream treats...
Here he is...
Charles David LaGuardia
born 5/30/10 at 10:12am
5lbs 6oz and 18in long
He is so cute and has so much dark hair! And so cute!
so funny...they look like they are deep in conversation
enjoying the shade and swing
Trying to get in and see Charlie
Her favorite toy...a plastic wrench!
Joey and Sam briefly riding the motorized atv
Joey and Caden learning to ride together and more importantly to share.

Using the bubble guns

Here are Caden's homemade invites for his 2nd bday! It is hard to believe that he is turning two. Where has the time gone?!? It has been so much fun watching him grow up and learn new things. His vocabulary has multiplied over the past couple weeks and it amazes me the words that he knows or that I can understand. He has been working on the potty training, but he drinks so much darn water that I think we are a little ways away. He would have to go about every 1/2 hour. One day. He does go at least two times a day, so we will keep building on that. I think it is funny when he wants his sister to try and go pee on the potty. Too funny.
hanging out in the bay window, looking for the bunnies in the garden
We were able to make it to Poultry Days this year, so we went up to the beer tent with friends on Friday night...good times. Then we went to the parade on Sat morning.
Grandma Marge and Caden watching the parade
Dad and Sam trying to stay cool

Sammie wearing Mark's old Coon-skin hat

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