Friday, August 20, 2010

Weddings, Nashville, and Caden turns 2!

Me and the SamSam girl.
Her hair is getting so long in the front that she almost has to wear a bow now.
Mark's cousin Kelsey got married in Nashville, TN at the end of July and we took the kids down there for the weekend. It was a great trip, a little hectic, but great! Here we are at the Adventure Science museum, it was fantastic!
Caden really thought he was driving the ambulance in the museum, I think it was his fave thing!
Sammie in the school bus
We took the kids to the Botanical Gardens in Nashville also. Not very kid friendly, but enough walking around and things to look at to waste a half hour of time before the science museum opened. Dad wasn't too happy that the gardens weren't very stroller friendly. A lot of lifting the stroller up on a nice, hot, humid TN had so much fun! They had a glass blowing exhibit throughout the gardens that were actually pretty cool. Caden could have cared less about them. You can see them on the pond.
And they were mixed in with the bamboo also. You can actually see the humidity in the pics.
Sam was a big fan of the basketball hoop box. She knocked it down and climbed on top to play with it!
For Caden's actual 2nd birthday, I took him down to the Greene to go see his first movie and to play in the water then to lunch. We had a pretty good time, only made it through a half hour of the movie, but if it was Shrek I am sure we would have stayed for the whole thing!

Using his new mower to help dad cut the grass
Caden's 2nd bday party was a blast! He woke up on the wrong side of the that was fun. I don't think he knew what to think of all the attention. The entire fam was around for the occasion so it was great!
Here is the train cake!
Caden opening presents, he was very distracted so it was great that his cousin Izzy was there to help out! Much better than me opening all the gifts!
Embarassed and mad after opening he threw the cars down.
(Left to Right) Payton, Brooks, Izzy, Maddie, Sammie, Elle and Caden
Playing in the train
Maddie and Izzy enjoying the hammock
Aunt Jen and Uncle Brian (or Dubbitabee as Caden calls him) with the grump
Setting up the train
The diaper hat kids, this cracked me up!
After swimming in the pool
Friends and their kids
Jeff and Addyson - Tony, Josie and Grant - Mark with Caden (sammie was sleeping)
The kids have been having more fun playing now that they are a little bit older.
Caden trying to tackle Grant with no success.

Addy loved the motorcycle

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