Monday, August 23, 2010

A trip to Vegas

Now that August has come and is a little of what we have been up to!
I took the kids down to Cincy for a visit with my OU girls! It has been a little while and plus we thought the party may get little Baby Geiser anxious to come out! (Our plan worked! Tyler was born a week early.) Our good friend Andy was in town from NYC to experience the craziness of all the kids together and the moms running around.
Tricia and Kristin, Me with the kids, Andy, and Amy with Erin and Andrew (Isaac stayed at home with Dad)
Erin, Kristin, Samantha and Andy

The kids and I went for a visit to McD's and this was Caden's first meeting with Ronald...wasn't sure what to think about him. He did like climbing all over him though!
Sammie's favorite treat this summer has been to gnaw on the corncob. She goes crazy for corn when she see the cob!
Mark and I took a trip out to Vegas with some couples and had a blast! It was my first trip out there and I can say it was big and busy! We had so much fun looking at the hotels, took a trip to old vegas (below), spent a day at the pool, and of course gambled a little bit. It was nice to get away for a little bit but always good to come home too! A big thanks to Papa Dave and Grammy Clarice for watching our little rascals.
Thought I would take a pic of (scary) Shrek for the kids.
Mark and Jeff Reed went on 2 of the Stratosphere rides. You can see them right out front, Jeff has his hands up. They looked like they had fun...not for me though.

Not our pool, just one that we stopped to see on our walk.
I think these garden pics were at the MGM.

And back home again. Here the kids are crawling around and chasing each other.
Sammie is showing signs that she may walk sooner than Caden did...not sure if I am ready for that yet!
They love hanging out by the front door and of course closing each other in between the doors.
We have been undergoing construction at our house for the past couple weeks, so it has been a challenge to keep the kids out of the workers way. I think they are about finished with putting our new siding up on the house, and we are just waiting for a new front door.
I will post before and after pics of the house soon.

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