Wednesday, June 15, 2011

May parties and water fun!

Caden on the rocking horse at school. He painted the little wood square at school one day and because I couldn't remember which one was his for a few days, after I found it I thought I would get a picture of it for future reference. Ha!
Dad and kids planting an arbor vitae that was sent home with him on Arbor Day from Overfield.
Field trip to Mrs A's pizza shop in Pleasant Hill. We met at the pizza shop instead of school one day and we were able to make pizzas together as well as play with dough and play games, bubbles, and chalk outside on the patio.
Mrs A showing them the huge cans of veggies/fruits and sauce that they have on hand.
The dough press that flattens the dough
Topping the pizza, Caden had his eye on the big container of mozzarella cheese!
Our delicious pizza
The kids playing outside with the bubbles
Sammie washing the coupe car
Samantha pretending to go potty
two cool kids eating popsicles (or as Sammie calls them "sicle")
At a grad party enjoying playing on the tent rope
We made this box into a car one day and the kids thought it was the greatest thing in the world!
End of the year party at school. We had a picnic on the school grounds by the pond. The kids had so much fun finding frogs and running around together.
Sam was there also. They had so much fun on the rocks, just climbing.

Attempting to get a cute pic of the kids together = Caden hugging Sammie around the neck and her squealing to get loose. This is the best one. :(

It would figure that the last day of school they all sit quietly and are listening to the have we come a long way!
singing songs

We traveled up to Cleveland for Memorial Day whirlwind weekend. After a wedding in Russia on Sat night, we left early Sunday morning to go up to Akron for my Great Uncle's 50th anniv party in the priesthood. It was great to go to St Bernard's for the mass, although the kids had a hard time sitting still after driving 3 hrs, that was the first time Mark and I have been back to the church since we got married. Aaahhh memories of a great day! Anyway, on Monday we went up to the Aurora memorial day parade which lasted all of 10 minutes. The kids still had fun though.
Charlie at the parade
We celebrated Charlie's 1st bday after the parade. But after a long day, he went right to naptime after his cake.
Aunt Jenny and Charlie at his bday party
Charlie getting ready for cake
I love Joey's face in the background. He was so excited for his brother.
Charlie uninterested in the cake and seems to say "get me out of here"
Caden red faced and enjoying a cupcake
Silly Samantha
Natalie in her little swimsuit with her lovely momma
Dad and Caden with a chocolate ice cream face
Sam and Addie Lasko enjoying the water on a hot hot hot day
About to fall asleep and loving the noodles. It was a long hot day at Joe/Amy's but we had so much fun.
About 2 minutes after we left the party the kids were crashed out in the car on the way home.
After no naps that day and lots of sugar, that was the sleepiest I have ever seen them!
Mark went home after the party and I stayed at my parent's house all week so the kids could play and I could help Joe/Amy pack up there house. They sold their house in about a month and moved in with my parents this weekend until they find a new home.
Playing with Charlie in the pool (aka rubbermaid container) the next day
The kids thought it was so funny to play in this big bucket of water all at the same time.
The pool was set up but the kids wanted to play in these buckets instead.
A little pic of Caden playing with some friends in Hudson. His first experience with the slip n' slide, but wasn't quite sure how to run and slide on his belly. He had more fun with the squirt guns and water table.

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