Friday, June 26, 2009

46 weeks, splashing and a new haircut

46 Weeks old
After about 50 attempts to get a decent picture, I finally ended up with a good pic today. I know it is not technically the right day, but give me a break.
Here is attempt #1, before haircut and a nap. Not a good idea. Attempt #20, after haircut and before nap.
I lost count, this one will have to work! I'm done.

Giggles McGee
Fun with water! I cleaned out Nia's dog pool and Caden spent some time in there the other day. Although there wasn't much water in the pool and it was cold, he loved sitting in there and playing with the shovel and pail. Nia was waiting for the hose to be turned back on.

Caden waking up from a nap!

I took Caden to get his first haircut today at Total Image Salon in Troy. He loved sitting in the jeep and moving the steering wheel. He wasn't sure about the cape, but thought the water sprayed on his head was funny! Overall, he did a great job!

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Nolan said...

Fist haircut, huge milestone. Looks like he did really well.