Tuesday, June 16, 2009

44 Weeks

Caden is now 44 weeks old, soon to be 45 tomorrow!
Video of Caden laughing after dinner one night.
Here is a photo of a message center that Mark and I created with left over door casing and beadboard. The green squares are corkboard covered with fabric left over from a curtain we put up for the laundry room closet doorway. So far it is working pretty well, but we still have some touchups and things to add to the area.
One day last week Caden, Nia and I met Mark at the Prairie Reserve in Versailles for lunch and a quick hike. Mark decided that Caden is too heavy for a front pack carrier, he now knows what it feels like to be pregnant! An additional 20lbs added to your belly can make your low back hurt a little bit!

We had a great weekend up in Aurora visiting the fam and going to my cousin's wedding. Congrats Maria and Ted, have a great honeymoon in Italy! I am so jealous! Friday, was a long day...we drove up to Aurora and dropped Caden off in Macedonia with my parents. Then we continued our way north to see my cousin Bryan and his wife Kim at their house on the west side of Cleveland. We made it back to my parent's house around 1am...too late for us 30yr olds! Then Sat we enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood, boys washed cars and then we got ready for the wedding. Caden attended mass although all he wanted to do was crawl around the church. And after mass we drove back to Aurora so that Kathy Foley (Kelly's mom) could babysit Caden. Despite peeing on Kathy, Caden was a good boy for her. Thank you a million times, Kathy! Then Mark and I headed back to the reception, had a great time and then made it home before 11:30.
Caden enjoying his first waffle, he kept sucking on it and waving it around like it was a washcloth.
Here is a pic from Sunday, Mark still looks sleepy.

The boys playing with cows. Joey is now almost 15 months(how old Caden will be when our new baby is born in November!) and Caden is a little over 10 months.

Taunting the dogs out the screen door. Nia and Molly kept running back and forth chasing eachother on the porch. The kid gates work well for dogs on the porch as well!

Uncle Brian and Caden

Joey fell asleep in the high chair after lunch.

Joey was having so much fun playing with a big bucket of water, some measuring cups and shovels.

On the way back from my parents house Caden was having so much fun playing Peek-a-boo I had to get it on tape.

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Theresa said...

Love the message board! You guys are so handy and crafty!!! Great pics of Caden - such a cutie! Miss you guys.