Wednesday, June 10, 2009


While Caden and I were at the Strawberry festival this weekend, Mark was enjoying a little vacation down in Texas visiting Andrew, a friend he used to work with at Wright Patt. Andrew participates in a Rib cookoff (smokeoff) contest every year and after hearing the details Mark wanted to go down and be a part of the madness!
(written by Mark, 1st post ever). One of the best smokers at the contest!
These people decided to bring the party with floor, tunes, margarita machine, what more do you need? Who said smokin' isn't a good time?
And then there's our crew...much more of a rum dum operation. We made our own fun. We ended up playing what we called Texas Cornhole, which involved throwing rocks into the orange may soon become a sanctioned event.
The boys workin' the meat. I was told the key is that you need to really "love on your meat." Northern interpretation, rub the spices, dy rub, marinade, etc. into the meat with your bare hands and really work it in. I was beginning to think that the ol' steers and queers joke actually was true...?!?!
Our trusty smoker...which successfully prepared baby back ribs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, whole chicken, spare ribs, and brisket. You don't want to know what that kind of diet for a 24 hour period does to your stomach let alone the port a pottie! Can anyone say meat poos!
Despite not placing the last 2 years, the crew was still able to get a sponsorship this year...thanks team Donkey Punch. We were asked several times over the weekend, "what's a donkey punch?" I couldn't bring myself to actaully explain to a complete stranger what a donkey punch actually was. Notice the barbecue sauce stain on the absolute must when you are smokin.
We were lucky enough to have some additional sponsorship...I would like to thank everyone from Shokcer, Dirty Sanchez, Cleveland Steamer, The Angry Pirate, Abe Lincoln, Tea Bag, Rusty Trombone, Cincinnati Bowtie (which I need a Cincinnatian to explain to me from the explanation I got), and the Hot Karl (there was a discrepancy about the sponsorships real "course of businees.") All in all, great time! Smokeoffs are filled with great people, good food, and remember it's all about the kids! (inside joke).

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