Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Film fest weekend

The last two weekends we have been busy. Sept 10th we celebrated our 4 yr anniversary and went out to dinner at La Piazza in Troy. Caden came for the occasion and it was so nice to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the weather. We cannot believe that it has been that long...time sure flies. Then Sat night we went up to Ft Loramie for Dan and Michelle Subler's wedding! Congrats you guys! It was nice to get out for the night and see some friends we haven't seen in awhile. (Not a great pic, but a pic nonetheless.)
Dad and Caden watching the Browns play...and lose, again. grrrr.
See the video below of what Mark has taught Caden about watching the Browns.

Caden is a big fan of the rock water fountain outside and the chalkboard I bought from a mom's mart sale. See the video below to watch how much fun Caden is having despite the cool Sept day. And notice Nia off to the side waiting for the hose to be turned on!

Enjoying some watermelon.

The boys in the wagon at WACO fly-in.

The boys at WACO airfield for the fly-in this weekend. The planes started coming in on Friday a lot of them went over our house. Caden was in heaven. Everytime he heard a plane he would point to the sky/ceiling and try to find them. Too cute.

Nia off to the left and Caden chillin' in the pilots seat
Joey comfortable in the pilots seat.

The boys getting ready to practice flying

Caden, the pilot
Jen and Amy watching the boys play with the chalkboard and every once in awhile eat the chalk. lovely.
Caden and Joey playing with the chalkboard, best $3 I ever spent!
My brother Joe and nephew Joey enjoying the great fall day.

Caden enjoying a pretzel rod and waiting for the party to start.

Grandpa Joe teaching Caden about cornhole

The crowd on the patio and the camp chair area in the back.

Jump house thanks to Reed's uncle!
Jessi and Grant (4 months)

Kids and parents waiting for the Wall-E to start!
Me and Caden ready for fall in our hooded sweatshirts and getting ready for the movie. I love fall!
Joey and Caden enjoying the jumpy
One last jump before the jumpy comes down...
The boys going for a wagon ride on Sunday morning. Every time Caden sees the wagon he points and wants to go for a ride!

My little Tigger! I found this Tigger costume at Once Upon a Child and couldn't resist! Thought I would bring it out this weekend to give it a test run. He didn't mind it too much, kept it on for the picture and then started overheating.

Joey dressed as Tigger. He liked wearing the hat so much that I thought he was going to wear it all day long!

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