Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know we are still behind on the entries, but I am going to stop apologizing because it seems to be a trend now. Just not as easy to get on the computer anymore. so.....
My family came down to visit over thanksgiving weekend, so we eally didn't travel this year...oh what a change. My parents arrived on wed night and Joe/Amy/Joey/Molly (their dog) and Jen/Brian arrived Friday. We had a fairly relaxed weekend. Thursday we had the Francis Thanksgiving at the Piqua Country Club which was nice to get out for a bit, although we did leave Samantha with my parents...just too early for the little bit to be around all those people. Then Friday we stayed around the house and prepared for the rest of the fam. Sat we had Turkey dinner at our house and Dave and Clarice came over also! It was great to have everyone here and also to have my parents/family around to help with all the cooking and chasing after the kids. Enjoy the pics!
Grandpa Joe with Joey and Caden

Joe and Amy meet Samantha for the first time!

Grandpa checks out the Christmas tree and ornaments with the anxious toddlers. Caden has been very good (knock on wood) with the ornaments and tree. All the soft ones are at the bottom and he does take them off occasionally, but likes to play "I Spy" with the ornaments. We ask him to find something and then he points them out.

Grandpa Joe and Caden singing songs

Samantha chilling and listening to all the noise!

Grandpa Joe with the boys watching the dogs run around outside
Joey pushing Caden on the truck. There were only a few sharing issues, but most of the time the boys had problems sharing Grandpa! By the end of the weekend they had so much fun together. Caden's new game was to lift up Joey's shirt and tickle his has become his new favorite game.
Amy, Joey and Joe

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