Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas #1

Our Christmas started the weekend before Christmas. We had our first trip up to Aurora as a family...and it was a success! The kids did great and didn't meltdown until there was 15mins left in the trip. Thanks to DumDum lollipops, Caden made it all the way there and back without too much trouble. These pics are a little out of order, but it has taken me forever to get them on here!
Before we left on Monday morning, Caden had his first sledding trip in my parents backyard! It was a little cold out to get Samantha out there for the family photo.

Dad and Caden going down the hill

Caden loving going up the hill also!

Caden and Joey playing with the barn from Grandpa/Grandma LaGuardia

Joe, Caden, Joey and part of Brian playing with the new toys!

Dad and Caden opening a new toy
We went to a "Breakfast with Santa" outing with the kids at The Mustard Seed. Here is Joey, Grandma and Samantha. My brother and Amy are expecting #2 in June and we are so excited for them! Joey definitely showed interest in little Samantha.

Caden was not a big fan of Santa as you can see! The week before we saw Santa, he couldn't get enough of snowmen and Santa and all the decorations. Then he actually saw Santa and wanted nothing to do with him. Sam did great as you can see, I think she slept the whole time we were there.
The boys waiting for Santa

The kids were all sitting around listening to the elves read "Twas The Night Before Christmas" and sing songs. As you can see Caden was staring at this girl, not at the elves. He has a thing for glasses and I am surprised that he didn't walk over and try and take them off her head.

Trying to pose for a pic with my boy, but he wasn't cooperating.

Here is the moment that Caden saw Santa

Another attempt at getting Caden to sit with Santa. As you can see Joey had no problem with Santa. He absolutely loved him!
Grandpa/Grandma LaG with the grandkids

Caden enjoying the peppermint ice cream

Sam taking a nap on the couch

Santa Sammy

Reading books before bed

My old highschool friend Sarah stopped by to see the kids and they had a ball dancing around and playing with her.

Grandpa dancing with the boys

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